It happened: after 3,5 years with my first employer, I made the step to explore unknown territory. After my Bachelor study HR & Sales, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant within an international recruitment agency. Throughout the years I was able to grow enormously both professionally and personally, but I felt the urge to delve into internal HR.

By nature, I am incredibly interested in people and like to help everyone as best I can. Additionally, I am an optimist to the core who likes to bring other people along in my positive vibes. When I saw that Calibrate was looking for a recruiter for the group who would also be responsible for the Happiness@Work part, I was immediately sold.

After a very smooth application process (read: two interviews in which you as a candidate are central and there is room for a laugh and a dance) it was clear to me: Calibrate is a company where humanity is number one and where I see myself developing further in the coming years within various aspects.

In addition, they have a real no nonsense mentality, after those two interviews the case was sounded and three weeks later my first day at work was already over.

I have been from day one:

  • A warm welcome from all colleagues¬†
  • Taken along in the wonderful world of a web agency
  • Tempted with daily fresh "bokes" with charcuterie

I am currently in my third week and have already had the opportunity to follow several interviews with candidates, our Happiness@Work kick-off is behind us and we are in the process of organizing the first surprise activities for our colleagues. 

After almost two years of online apero's, "ge is still on mute" conversations and fixed home working, we are going to do everything we can to bring our different offices back together as often as possible. I wake up every morning really excited to start my day and curious what the future will bring! 

Does it itch for you too to take a different path?
Then listen to your gut feeling and take the step!