Calibrate successfully launched the platform with TribiCRM a combination of CMS (Drupal 8 ) & CRM (CiviCRM). TribiCRM is your springboard to a powerful contact management platform. It provides a premium toolbox that allows you to manage website, contacts, events and so much more.

  • The user-friendliness of the registration procedures for camps, workshops and individual workshops was paramount. 
  • On the new website, Edison also wanted to offer the possibility of creating a profile. Through this profile, participants can manage their data. 
  • The new website also includes an integration with the UCLL Payment Provider, so that all payments can be centrally managed within Edison. 

Did you know?

Edison lets every young person between 4 and 18 discover and embrace STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

Thanks to a wide, high-quality range of activities such as innovative workshops, instructive camps, exciting festivities and events for the whole family, Edison wants to prepare young people for the future and to immerse them in STE(A)M. These activities are realised thanks to the connecting cooperation between various STE(A)M promoters within Edison. Edison in turn is one of the 13 STE(A)M partnerships of VLAIO.

Edison opts for an approach that will arouse the interest of every girl and boy for STE(A)M. An approach that will make them more aware of the importance of STE(A)M. An approach that makes them more aware of their talents and encourages lifelong learning. Edison wants to challenge participants in every activity and strengthen them in STE(A)M competencies and 21st century skills.

At Edison, the youth are the focus. Edison is the guide that makes them more aware of their current knowledge and their later study and career choices.  


TribiCRM has a bean for the voluntary and non- profit sector, but is a digital partner of choice for a wide range of organizations.  

Our team has broad technical expertise and proactively seeks out individual solutions for 
all clients, large or small. Together we get the best out of your customer relationships and create a website that works for you, not the other way around.  


We combined Drupal 8 and CiviCRM into one digital platform to combine great content authoring functionalities with even better administration tools. We made the backend experience simple and smooth to make your life easier. Create beautiful web pages within minutes and use your data as web content on your public web portal.


Content blocks

With an easy-to-use set of content blocks, you can insert web content wherever you want, without having to worry about the technical aspects. With TribiCRM you can not only manage your CRM contacts, events and donations, but also present them to your visitors on your web pages, all in the same look and feel you are used to. Creating content as an editor is very easy.

TribiCRM offers a complete set of building blocks to create beautiful pages within minutes. Just choose a content type to create and combine building blocks. There is a whole set of blocks to choose from. Some blocks allow you to create content directly, while other blocks are content containers that are able to display content created and managed elsewhere in the system: contacts, events, photo albums and forms.


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