Life is the health magazine of the Christian Mutuality (CM). Here you will find information about CM, services and benefits, health care and benefits. Above all, Leef brings stories of people and in this way the magazine wants to inspire them to be healthy together in life. In doing so, Leef takes emotions as a guideline that are recognisable to everyone. The magazine is published ten times a year on paper for CM members. The website is accessible to everyone.

Customer expectations

  • A replacement of the current digital version of their magazine, which runs on a SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service is a model in which software applications are delivered via the internet, i.e. as a service), to a new digital version of the print magazine Life, which is published monthly. Each edition revolves around an emotion. 
  • A major focus is on user-friendliness, so that everyone has access to the website as well as on mobile phones, even for people with a disability. Using three functions: text, audio and video. 
  • An easy-to-use CMS for the editors who can easily publish documents and data on the internet without a lot of technical knowledge. 

Despite a hard deadline and a limited budget, we are very proud of this collaboration.

lees cm


On this page you can read stories, reports, interviews, fast checks and practical information from experts and others. Articles are tagged with categories and themes so you can easily find something.

kijk cm


Visual stories and videos are available on this page. With attention to the people who can hear less well.

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On this page you will find additional audio stories from Life and audio versions of the print magazine. Their audio stories can also be found on iTunes and Spotify. A feature specially created for the visually impaired.

Calibrate created the new website for our online magazine Life. CM delivered the design, Calibrate quickly converted it to the Drupal CMS in 3 sprints of 3 weeks. What we especially liked about Calibrate was the clear, open and fast communication. We knew at any moment which developments they were working on, how much of the budget had already been used up, which choices we could make, which questions were out of scope,... Another plus is that the timing was respected!
Tineke Van Engeland
Product Owner at CM - Christian mutuality

Further development

  • Start of Caibr8-install profile 
  • Convert design supplied in html/css to Drupal theme with corrections/tweaks where necessary.
  • Research implementation Eloqua
  • T&M cap approach with intermediate demos
Calibrate DXP

Based on the Digital Experience Platform

The Digital Experience Platform gives CM (and all our clients) maximum return for every euro invested. A content authoring engine and a rich module site also allowed that project to get the boost it deserves.

Integration with Eloqua marketing

An integration with Eloqua was within the wishes of the Leef Magazine team. Particular attention was paid to exploring the possibilities, such as newsletter subscription and personalization based on browsing behavior.


  • Design external party not always obvious (design vs Drupal, design vs available budget)
  • Design delivered in html/css already sets certain expectations for cross device behaviour
  • Design still work in progress during development
  • Demos always had to be on-site at CM (BXL), cost time/budget
  • Coupling with Eloqua still to be fully explored
  • Redirects problematic urls (with # in) from old SAAS platform
  • UAT & content input period in Christmas leave vs go-live 1st week of January

Technical challenges

The link with the Eloqua marketing platform had to be fully explored. We prioritized the most important functionalities for the launch of the first version. A more complex part was also rescheduled to a later release of the website.

There was also an additional challenge for the SEO redirect plan: For every website that is renewed, we provide such a plan. We look at the URLs of all (or more often: the statistically most popular) pages in the old website and provide a proper redirect to the relevant, new pages on the new platform. In this way, you as a customer retain your accrued SEO score in search engines. The old SaaS platform, which was used for Leef Magazine, contained a number of urls (with # in) that were initially problematic as a redirect. We had to give this some extra technical attention to arrive at a proper solution.

Retrieve search results from various platforms

To give the user experience of the visitors on live magazine an even more optimal experience, we made sure that the search results are completed with items from the corporate CM website. 

This highly technical implementation was set up with an API. This external link ensured that these items were displayed in specific places per page (4 and 7) between the search results in Live magazine. For example, if there are 4 items from they will appear on page 1 at position 4 and 7 and on page 2 at position 4 and 7. 

This complex integration required the necessary analyses but to this day we can speak of a beautiful integrated functionality that guides visitors that extra step in their journey.

De voordelen van een online magazine

We maakten volop gebruik van de kansen die een online magazine biedt tegenover een papieren blad. Zo ontwikkelden we een klantenportaal waar een bezoeker zich kan aanmelden met een CM-account.  Eenmaal ingelogd, kunnen ze hun woonplaats aangeven, interessante thema's selecteren en favorieten bijhouden en raadplegen. Bovendien krijgen ingelogde gebruikers gepersonaliseerde inhoud in de thema's die ze interessant vinden te zien op de homepage. Ook onderaan artikels wordt de "ontdek ook" sectie vervangen door een event vanuit hun API, op basis van de regio en thema die de gebruiker heeft gekozen. Deze functies zorgen ervoor dat de website meer interactief en aantrekkelijker wordt voor gebruikers en bieden een gepersonaliseerde gebruikerservaring.


Successful launch

Thanks to good agreements and detailed planning, everything was taken care of by the Calibrate team and we were able to launch Leef Magazine fully finished according to the intended ambitions! Job well done!


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