When developing a new website, the first step is to choose an appropriate Content Management System (CMS). We make a well-considered choice as part of the platform strategy. A CMS is the system behind your website, which allows you to easily manage a website. With a CMS it is therefore possible for people without technical knowledge to adapt the content of a website, such as adapting texts and adding new pages. A CMS is therefore indispensable for dynamic websites, on which the content is regularly adjusted.

The different CMS systems

Which CMS is most suitable depends on the type of website you wish to have developed, a simple blog, an extensive corporate website or a multifunctional e-commerce platform. Today, there are many CMS systems available, each aimed at its own niche. Some systems can be set up within minutes and offer simple functionality. We focus on tailor-made systems. In this way, we create a website that is completely tailored to your wishes, both in terms of design and functionality. 

Calibrate works with 2 systems: Drupal and Craft CMS

Drupal logo

Drupal as CMS

The possibilities with CMS Drupal are unlimited and offers the ideal solution for websites that need to process a lot of data, require rock-solid security and require tailor-made solutions. Drupal websites can be fully developed according to the needs and wishes of the customer. We have already built websites for clients such as Q8, RSCA, City of Sint-Niklaas and the government. With more than 50 experienced developers, we have become one of the largest Drupal agencies in Belgium.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS

A bit of the rising star of the CMS firnament. Craft CMS combines fast development with a very good plugin ecosystem and developer friendly code. Unlike Wordpress it is safe and fast. It is ideal for developing campaign websites and content management websites that have no special requirements.

We have bundled our expertise around Craft CMS in the Digital Pulse competence centre. 

Is a CMS necessary?

In some cases it is better to build a website without a CMS. In that case we speak of custom development. The website is then completely self-written in HTML from A to Z by the developer. In the past, we helped clients such as P-Bay, Vives and Typ-Top. The advantage of custom development is that you can develop the website completely according to your own wishes.

Would you like more information about CMS systems?

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