The content and media strategy is the bridge between the strategic phase and the design phase of your project. We reflect on the message we are going to bring to the visitors and lay the foundations of your online story. We help you to communicate in a digital way within an omni-channel strategy. 

Social media

Conducting your communication on social media is often a challenge. Which channels do I choose? What is the difference between Twitter and Instagram communication and how do I choose the best design? 

Calibrate helps you with a communication plan and a clear social media strategy.

Omni-channel digital marketing

Being able to communicate relevantly to your target group through various channels leads to a larger reach of your target group. We help you draw up an omni-channel digital communication strategy. Our digital marketers will help you draw up integrated communication campaigns.

Calibrate always makes that extra effort to think and understand where we want to go.
Ico Maly
Lecturer New Media and Politics (Tilburg University) and editor-in-chief of Diggit Magazine

Be relevant

The right message for the right audience, at the right time. The holy grail for content marketeers and very important for your online success. Knowledge about your target audience is essential to get your message across efficiently. However, you also need to approach your content plan strategically. A B2B audience is addressed differently compared to a B2C target group, for example.

We help you to define and shape your message so that it becomes highly relevant to your visitors.

Conversion rate

Content personalization

Users who are presented personalized content are 120% more likely to respond to your message. Content personalization ensures that your message is always highly relevant, resulting in noticeably better conversion rates. 

Website personalization exists in many shapes and forms. Calibrate advises you on the best way to tackle personalization in all situations. Through our Digital Experience platform we realize your personal story.

redirect pages

Content analysis and migration.

Do you already have a website which is in need of a refresh? We will map your current content and make a thorough analysis of the content plan in function of the new website. Existing content with positive value for visitors and search engines will be integrated into the new content. We also help you with the migration of your legacy content, via manual or automatic content migration.

Calibrate opleiding

Do you also want to work on a better online story? We are happy to help you with Content Strategy and Marketing.

The full strategic approach

The content strategy and media strategy fits within a broader strategic plan. Calibrate helps its clients with the complete digital strategic plan.

Target group research

You can't come up with a strategy without knowing your target group. We research the behaviour of your visitors and potential visitors.