By setting clear goals in the form of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) we work towards a measurable result based on your business targets. This way we help you grow.


As you grow towards new goals, you need support and coaching. We help you to clearly set your business goals. We then convert these into strategic digital KPIs. This way you will have a tool that helps you to determine a clear direction and we can clearly evaluate the results in all phases of your project.

Calibrate Gent

Calibrate with the c of coach

We get to work through a well prepared KPI workshop, which is supervised by a digital strategist. Your management will be present during this workshop and will get the opportunity to discuss their goals and transform them into measurable, tangible KPIs. 


KPI's are defined on the foundation of questions. Our strategists will help you ask the right questions. That way we are able to set very clear goals.

Google Data Studio

Clear reporting

The intention of course is to have the right tools to be able to evaluate and to grow.

That's why we put all measurable KPI's in comprehensible dashboards. These dashboards are specifically tailored to each department in your company. This gives you a clear picture of the performance of your team and your platform in a single glance.

Did you know?

There are two different KPIs? There are "leading" and "lagging" KPIs.

A leading KPI is able to make a prediction, while a lagging KPI only visualizes a result.

A broad strategic approach

KPI definition always fits in a broader strategic approach. We help you with facts, insights and best practices.

Wondering what that means? 

Target group research

You can't set goals without knowing your target group.

We give you insights about your visitors and customers through target group research.