During the target group research we teach you how your visitors and potential customers behave on the internet. This is the best way to answer their questions.

Analysis of your current visitors

Through a performance analysis we look at the behaviour of your current visitors. We use a combination of these techniques:

  • We dive into your online statistics and perform a thorough analysis
  • We organize a top-level survey with questioning of website visitors
  • By organizing stakeholder interviews we receive direct feedback

Who is your potential target group?

That part of the target group that your brand or website does not yet know, we will investigate through a combination of different studies:

  • Keyword research: how does the average user search for your content?
  • From the competition research we learn how your competitors approach the target group
  • Market research: if you don't have these figures yourself, we'll help you get these crucial insights

Interactive approach

Our approach is characterised by open communication and regular workshops.

We start with a briefing, so you can tell us what you already know about your target group. We will then take you through a number of workshops to achieve the desired result. 

Calibrate was an ideal and reliable partner for us, we are very satisfied with our partnership.
Dave Sips
General Manager at WeAreOne.World - Tomorrowland

A broader project approach

A target group research is usually combined with other analyses within a digital project. Calibrate puts together a tailor-made project approach for you that suits your organisation.

A complete strategy

The target group research fits within a broader strategic approach. We combine various tasks into one and thus draw up the strategic plan.

Competition analysis

Want to find out what your competitors are doing well and less well on the internet? That is crucial information to achieve quick results. Read more about the competition research.

Calibrate opleiding

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