A technical strategy translates into a thorough technical analysis, which forms a solid basis for the rest of your project right from the start. In this way, you are optimally prepared for the entire project.

Holistic approach

Digital strategists, User Experience designers and technical analysts work together in one integrated team. This creates a holistic project vision in each of these project phases, where the technical aspect takes into account the full context of the project.

Neutral and targeted

Along with the platform strategy, the technical analysis is mainly neutral and target-oriented. Calibrate masters a very broad palette of technical solutions, allowing us to always make the best technical choices.

Did you know?

Calibrate always stores all technical documentation in a Technical Cookbook? This is a central place where all technical information is centralized and up-to-date during the project. This way, there is one place for everyone to access and update information at all times.

Calibrate opleiding

The essence in transparent reporting

As a customer, it is often difficult to understand the impact of technical decisions. We always strive to clearly present the essence of the pros and cons of all choices, so that each customer within the partnership with Calibrate, can make the best choice for his organization. 

During interactive contact sessions, the technical strategy is clearly explained.

What we especially liked about Calibrate was the clear, open and fast communication. We knew at any moment which developments they were working on, how much of the budget had already been used up, which choices we could make, which questions were out of scope,....
Tineke Van Engeland
Digital marketeer bij CM

Talk to the technical experts

With more than 15 years of experience in this innovative digital sector, we have a lot of technical expertise to offer.

Do you have a technical challenge that you would like to share with us? We will be happy to give you the appropriate advice.

Technical development

We offer our technical services in two main pillars: Web Content Management and the development of customized web applications. 

In this way we can meet any technical challenge.