E-mail?! That's outdated!

E-mail is about as old as the internet itself and has been written off several times with the introduction of chat and later social media. But look, more than 30 years after its introduction, e-mail is still the standard for professional communication. For personal messages, people more often use messaging services such as whatsapp or messenger, but when communicating with companies, e-mail is still preferred. Moreover, according to research by E-consultancy, it is still the channel with the highest return on investment (ROI). E-commerce giants such as Ebay, Amazon and Zalando are not just betting on it without reason. Still, you don't need to have their budgets at your disposal to achieve brilliant results.

The benefits of email marketing

  • Direct communication: it is still the easiest way to communicate directly with customers and leads. This for both broader, more general messages as well as highly personalised messages. As long as it is relevant to your target group.

  • Permission-based: with the new Privacy Law (GDPR) of 25 May 2018, e-mail relies all the more on the consent of contacts. But don't be deterred by this, there will be more control over SPAM, which will increase the value of e-mail even more. If you are relevant, contacts will be happy to receive your emails. Such an opportunity should not be missed by any company.

  • Low cost: compared to other channels, the cost is limited and you can quickly get started with e-mail marketing.

  • Result focused: it is the ideal medium for conversion optimization. You can measure what a campaign yields on the basis of open rates, click-through-rates and conversion rates. Moreover, you can always improve these campaigns by A/B testing on subject, content and call-to-actions. In this way you increase the ROI visibly.

What can we do for you?

The Calibrate story 'Think-Build-Grow' comes back in all our services, this is no different for email marketing. Concretely, we provide guidance at every stage of the process. We work out a plan with you that we implement technically and improve on the basis of results. Are you further on? Then we also offer à la carte support:

Elaborate email marketing plan

We listen to your company's story, see where you are today and what place email gets in your marketing plan. This is how we work out a strategy together, set objectives and choose the right tool.

Data modeling of existing database

Customer data and leads can sometimes become a real soup. If you want to do e-mail marketing and marketing automation well, it is important to start from a clean database. This is not only required by privacy legislation (GDPR), but also essential for efficient email marketing.

Setting up and importing your account

We set up your account (of course as a customer you are the owner of the account) and advise you on the right subscription formula. We import the database and choose a good structure for the account, such as different lists, segments and tags to be added to the contacts.

Design of an e-mail template

Our designers design responsive templates that are not only beautiful but also focused on conversion. In addition, we ensure that they are displayed correctly on different email clients.

Integration of forms on the website

Websites are totally our cup of tea, we take care of a good integration of forms on your website. In this way, different channels communicate flawlessly with each other and we take care of things such as a double opt-in, thank you after a message and unsubscribe page.

Email marketing optimization

We set up A/B tests to optimise your subject, text and Call-to-actions. Moreover, we have a lot of experience with e-mail and we follow trends and researches, so we can advise you with your e-mails anyway.

Set up and support in marketing automation

We help you get the right message to the right person at the right time, that's the credo of marketing automation. Read more about it here


Once you know what you want to achieve with your emails, you can start determining the right tool. We can help you with simple e-mail tools like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, campaign monitor or Flexmail. Do you want more advanced email marketing options that are still affordable and can get you off to a flying start in marketing automation? Then we advise Active Campaign or Autopilot depending on your needs and wishes.

Mailchimp logo


I'm sure you've heard of it, it's by far the most popular e-mail tool. It owes this mainly to its user-friendliness. The simple e-mail editor, flawless integration with CMS systems and autoresponders make it the ideal tool for newsletters and basic autoresponders.

Why Mailchimp?

✔️ Easy to use
✔️ Good basic functionalities: Autoresponders, A/B tests
✔️ Budget-friendly
✔️ Good integration with websites and other tools

Active campaign logo

Active Campaign

Wil je een stapje verder gaan in automatisatie en personalisatie? Kies dan voor Active Campaign. Waar mailchimp stopt bij eenvoudige autoresponders, kan je met Active Campaign uitgebreide automatisaties opzetten over lange periodes met gedetailleerde personalisering en segmentatie. Het beschikt namelijk over een CRM waarin je gegevens, interesses, aankoopgeschiedenis, etc.. makkelijk kan bijhouden. Meer info over marketing automation.

Waarom Active Campaign?

Do you want to go a step further in automation and personalisation? Then choose Active Campaign. Where mailchimp stops with simple autoresponders, with Active Campaign you can set up extensive automations over long periods of time with detailed personalisation and segmentation. It has a CRM that makes it easy to keep track of your data, interests, purchase history, etc. Learn more about marketing automation.

Why Active Campaign?

✔️ Master in personalisation and segmentation
✔️ Visual representation of Automations
✔️ Large range of functionalities
✔️ Affordable

Autopilot logo


Another such marketing automation specialist is autopilot. Autopilot goes further than just e-mail, you can also send contacts via paper postcards. Just like an active campaign, you also get a very visual representation of the customer journeys.  Another advantage is that you can scan forms on a website, so you don't have to integrate anything and you can get to work faster.  Finally, you can also change the HTML in the editor, which allows you to customise your e-mails.

✔️ Marketing automation possibilities
✔️ Scanning forms on your website
✔️ Also by classical mail
✔️ HTML editor