With various automated marketing platforms, we draw up communication scenarios. This way you always reach your audience at the right time, with the right message.

What is it, then?

Automated marketing means that we automate certain scenarios in campaigns and execute them when a certain event occurs. It therefore allows these scenarios to be executed fully or semi-automatically, which saves a marketing team an enormous amount of work. There are many platforms, such as Hubspot, Active Campaign, Sharpspring... Every customer benefits from one of these platforms, we advise you in your choice.

Advantages and properties

What are the main advantages of using an automated marketing platform?



With the use of such a platform you will be able to serve your visitors much better. Because you save marketing work, you measure your audience's data better and use it better.


Bundling of different tools

Many automated marketing platforms bundle a number of crucial aspects a marketing needs: newsletters, CRM, web forms, the possibility to compose your own automated campaigns...



Through a clear dashboard you can see how much interaction a certain individual has had with your brand.


Seamlessly integrated into the website.

Your marketing tool is woven into the website, without being visible. Data of visitors to your website ends up in one place, where you centralise the data.


One for all

With one automated marketing platform you can link multiple websites. In this way, owners of multiple websites get a good idea of what interaction a person is doing with their different brands.

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Calibrate digital marketeer

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Newsletter campaigns

Newsletter campaigns are still a good way to address your target group with a relevant message. Both as part of a broader communication campaign or with one well-meant, targeted e-mail.

Calibrate sets up a newsletter environment that is ready for you. You can get started in no time.

Drip campaigns

A good application of emails can be found in drip campaigns. You can bundle a set of emails under a certain theme. When your visitor signs up for a newsletter on this theme, you can deliver this set of emails to the visitor in intervals. This way, you make sure that your subscribers not only receive new emails, but also have the opportunity to read valuable information from your past campaigns.

Performance marketing

Automated marketing platforms are an indispensable part of the toolset of our Performance Marketers. They dive into the figures and optimise your campaigns on the basis of data and insights.

Strategic approach

No efficient marketing without a sound strategic approach.

Calibrate helps you define your digital marketing strategy.