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On this page you can read all the possibilities you have with our e-commerce solution in combination with your Drupal website. Don't have a Drupal website? Read more about the possibilities for a stand-alone webshop here.

Successful entrepreneurs take the lead. That has always been the case, but since corona this has become more important than ever. But how?

We are looking for ways to adapt quickly to an ever-changing situation. A lot of entrepreneurs have been thinking with you lately: If only I had (had) a webshop!
Then at least our sales could continue online.

However, now that the physical shops are opening again, this feeling seems to be ebbing away from some. But whether it is anticipating a second corona wave or lockdown or the sustainable expansion of your sales market: it remains a wise decision to focus on e-commerce in a sustainable way.

Our offer

The possibilities of Shopify and Drupal are endless. However, in order for you to generate turnover as quickly as possible, we first focus on the most important things. This way you can start immediately.

This is what we are doing in a nutshell

  1. We set up your online shop and integrate it into your Drupal website.
  2. We make sure that your product detail pages and collection pages in Drupal are in the same layout as the rest of your website (Drupal theming).
  3. We link your webshop to a user-friendly logistics platform so that you can ship parcels.
  4. We ensure that your customers can pay online.
  5. We give you an online video training to learn how to work with your webshop.

Below, we explain in more detail what this means.

Shopify bestelling screenshot

What do we do in Shopify?

We configure Shopify as the engine for your e-commerce story. What does this mean concretely?

  1. On the basis of an intake form, we set up all the basic settings for you in Shopify.
  2. We tailor the look & feel of the shopping basket & check-out pages to your brand.
  3. We link your webshop to a user-friendly logistics platform. This allows you to print labels and start shipping parcels in no time via bpost or another supported partner.
  4. Do you want your customers to pay online right away? That's possible! We put everything ready for you so that you can get started right away.

What do we do in Drupal?

We link your Shopify e-commerce engine to your Drupal site. As a result, the products you manage in Shopify will also become available in your Drupal site. Just like your collection pages.

Our Drupal experts ensure that these pages are perfectly in line with the design of the rest of your website (Drupal theming). For advanced users it is also possible to use your products as paragraphs in other parts of your website. In this way you can take your content marketing to a professional level.

How it works for your customers

Your customers will be able to browse through your catalogue and view products in detail on your existing website. This without leaving the website.

On the product detail page you will find all the details of the product and of course a "Add to basket" button. After clicking this button the product will be added to the shopping basket.

As soon as your customer wants to checkout he will go to the secure Shopify environment.

Online in three easy steps


What do we need?

Our experts have summarised all the information we need to set up your webshop in a handy intake form.

It concerns information such as the name of your company, who you are, what you do, etc.

You take the time you need to fill in this form.


What do we do for you?

We will set up your webshop for you. This means that we match the look & feel of your webshop to your brand.

We link a logistics platform and an online payment method.

We give you an online video training so you can get started right away.


What do you do?

After our video training you add your products to your online catalogue.

If you need extra hands for this, you can call on our experts at a reduced rate.

After a signal from you, we will put your brand new webshop online.

Advertise your new webshop and generate turnover!

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