You like to use your fantastic brain to shape digital projects? You use your expertise, insight and analytical mind every day to help clients. That's you? 👇

We are looking for a functional analyst with a passion for creating extraordinary online experiences. A digital expert who understands like no other the mindset of visitors and knows how to translate it into functional descriptions and concepts. With an active, positive role in the project, you will guide your client and colleagues through the development of projects.

What's to be expected?

  • Through analysis of existing material and interviews with your client and users, you paint a clear picture of the needs of each project
  • You have an analytical mind with the ability to transform complex and diverse client input into an understandable, unambiguous project vision.
  • You can translate qualitative and quantitative data into useful and actionable experiences.
  • You materialize and defend your ideas to both the client and the technical team.
  • You work out conversion-oriented navigation structures and define the structure and operation of the interface.
  • You identify users' needs, provide information analysis and optimize customer journeys.
  • You guide colleagues in designing conceptual wireframes and prototypes that represent what needs to be designed/developed.
  • You follow up projects from start to finish and make sure that the project goals are met.
Work time

What can you expect from us?

That's a lot and we want to give you a lot in return.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Of course, your salary package is very complete. In addition to your salary, you are also entitled to hospitalization and group insurance, a company car, GSM subscription, working materials and a laptop. In addition, you will also enjoy a range of other benefits.
  • The Calibrate DNA cannot be summarized in one sentence, but we can summarize it in these words: transparent, honest and human. We realize only too well that we're a single group of people, and good communication and culture are extremely important to us.
  • Are you looking for more? Then we'd love to motivate you to gain additional knowledge. We all earn our money by providing professional services and knowledge is indispensable. Everyone has an annual training budget and in addition, Calibrate itself also organizes additional training.
  • You enjoy flexible working hours and workplaces. You can work at home or at one of our four offices.
  • Our clients are diverse and our projects exciting and substantial.

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Meet our clients

We work for a very diverse range of clients and that's where we get our kick out. In every situation, we like to give the appropriate advice and build beautiful solutions for all kinds of sectors.