Drupal 8 is end of life in November 2021. Time to get ready for Drupal 9! 

Haven't thought about it yet? Then be sure to read Steven Van Den Hout's key takeaways in our Drupal 9 news article. We also developed a Drupal 8 checklist so we can determine how easy it is to update to Drupal 9 in just a few clicks.  

An upgrade to Drupal 9 tailored to your website!


A Drupal upgrade is also an excellent time to ask yourself if your website is delivering what you expect from it.

After all, you're investing in your Drupal website because you want it to deliver results, and those results don't just depend on the technology. Strategy, user experience and digital marketing performance are also crucial.  For a full service website audit you can contact us.

Digital Scan

Through an initial digital scan, we immediately uncover the strategic pain points of your digital presence.

Expert UX review

We uncover the barriers your visitors experience to improve your online conversion.

Drupal audit

The Drupal audit shows your website is technically sound, secure and future-proof. 

Target 2

When we perform an audit or expert review, it is also always accompanied by personal customer contact in the form of a presentation of the results. With concrete advice on the next steps. In this way, you as a customer can clearly understand where the needs and opportunities lie and, of course, decide on the next steps yourself. 

Lisa Hendrickx


Then contact Lisa, our Digital Business advisor, soon.

Did you know?

We also do WCAG audits? Using the WCAG standard, we make your website user-friendly for the blind and visually impaired, for optimal accessibility.