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Successful entrepreneurs take the lead. That has always been the case, but since corona this has become more important than ever. But how?

By taking decisions today to be ready for the future, now and after the corona crisis.

We are looking for ways to adapt quickly to an ever-changing situation. Many entrepreneurs have been thinking with you in recent times: if only I had (had) a webshop!
Then at least our sales could continue online.

However, now that the physical shops are opening again, this feeling already seems to be ebbing away for some. But whether it's anticipating a second corona wave or lockdown or the sustainable expansion of your sales market: it remains a wise decision to make sustainable use of e-commerce.

Well, our Calibrate e-commerce experts have joined forces and worked out a sophisticated offer. We also support Action 2020.  So you can enjoy an extra discount. This is how we, as entrepreneurs, are going through this crisis together!

Make the most of these challenging circumstances and start selling online today. Many cities and municipalities, Facebook groups or other initiatives are joining forces to highlight local traders who have been affected by the corona measures and are now going online.



What do we need?

Our experts have summarised all the information we need to set up your webshop in a handy intake form.

It concerns information such as the name of your company, who you are, what you do, etc.

You take the time you need to fill in this form.


What do we do for you?

We will set up your webshop for you. This means that we match the look & feel of your webshop to your brand.

We link a logistics platform and an online payment method.

We give you an online video training so you can get started right away.

Read more about what you get


What are you doing?

After our video training you add your products to your online catalogue.

If you need extra hands for this, you can call on our experts at a reduced rate.

After a signal from you, we will put your brand new webshop online.

Advertise your new webshop and generate turnover!

Did you know?

It is possible to start from € 950 excl. VAT, one-off fee.

In addition, your subscription fee for Shopify starts at 29 dollars/month.

Would you like a demo?

Book your moment and we will gladly show you the possibilities.




Am I not too small for e-commerce?

The short answer is no.

Local entrepreneurs can also benefit from online commerce. In a world where there is more and more room for short-chain, quality, niche and personal services, as an entrepreneur you can make the difference.

An accessible platform such as Calibrate allows you to make use of our digital expertise. More than 50 experts are ready to help you take your first steps in e-commerce.

Read on if you want to start a Shopify webshop today.


I already have a website. Can I still use it?

Of course. Your webshop can run perfectly next to your existing website.
You can always decide at a later stage to integrate your webshop and your general website into one.


Do you currently have a Drupal website?

Good news: we can build your Shopify shop into your current website.
Thanks to an integration between Shopify and Drupal, you can easily take your content marketing to a higher level yourself. Processing your products into a blog post, landing page or other places on your website is very easy.

Read more about our Drupal integration with Shopify here.