Startup 2

Ambitious to sell more with a webshop? With the right digital strategy you already have a head start on your competitors. 

Our business advisors help you discover the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your plan. We are the partner who sharpens your idea and develops it into a success.

Setting Goals

Together with you we determine the goals of your ambitions and transform them into concrete Key Performance Indicators. These become the cornerstone of the project plan and later provide a clear performance dashboard where you are at the controls.

Developing your e-business

Our technical experts develop the e-commerce platform you will be successful with. We provide a user-friendly interface, both for you and for your customers.

Digital marketing boost

Our digital marketers get to work on your goals and set KPIs. We provide performance and growth marketing as part of a larger digital marketing plan.


We provide an e-commerce solution tailored to your needs. Both online retail in B2C and B2B ordering platforms, we have the right technology for your webshop.

We help SMEs and large organizations with their E-commerce ambitions. Whether you are a Belgian webshop selling locally or want to go international. Wondering how we can do that for you?

E-commerce driven by content marketing

One of our unique features is that all our projects not only emphasize comprehensive e-commerce solutions, but also a strong online marketing and content management story. 

In this way you are in control of how you communicate online and you can quickly respond to changing trends in the market. You can quickly adapt your products and content pages and create new, engaging online stories. 

Digital customer journey

Integrated for omnichannel sales

Calibrate provides an integration between the e-commerce platform and your other business applications. This can be done through a direct database connection, through web services, or in some other way.

For example, we often interface with PIM, CRM and ERP systems. 


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Headless commerce

Many companies work with enterprise-level commerce packages such as Intershop, IBM commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Hybris or Magento but always run into the same wall: few options in content management and marketing.

The answer is headless commerce: the combination of an e-commerce solution and a powerful CMS like Drupal or Craft CMS.