Craft CMS

The best CMS user experience coupled with a rich set of functionalities. Craft CMS is the rising star in the world of Web Content Management. Find out why.

Quick and easy content management

As a customer you manage your website in a very simple and intuitive interface. The backend of Craft CMS is specifically designed for clarity and ease of use.

Powerful plugins

Craft CMS has a very good plugin store, which is filled with plugins for various purposes. Each plugin is immediately ready for use and rich in functionality.

CMS and E-commerce

Together, Craft CMS and Craft Commerce form one whole, which means that you can easily start content marketing and online sales with your webshop.

Why do we choose Craft CMS?

After Drupal, Craft CMS is our main choice to create websites for different purposes. Pixel & Tonic, the creators of Craft CMS, believe that managing a Web CMS should always be extremely user-friendly, and Craft CMS is completely based on this concept. 

As a result, Craft CMS is easy, flexible and enormously rich in possibilities in all its facets. For developers, it can be used quickly and flexibly. For administrators, content management is a breeze and for IT managers it is a stable, secure choice. 

Craft CMS live preview

Manage your content like a pro

Craft CMS makes it really easy to manage your pages. Through an intuitive user interface you can create new content or easily make changes to existing content. Via the Live Preview function you can immediately see what the end result will look like.

Site management

Management of images, users & roles is ingrained in Craft CMS and is already... You guessed it, child's play.

Craft Commerce


Within Craft Commerce you will find everything you need: products, promotions and discounts. But also custom checkouts, reporting and much more.

Marketing & Commerce

Commerce is tightly integrated into your CMS. You can immediately incorporate your products in your blogs, landing pages or other content.

Digital Pulse Logo

We bundle our Craft knowledge in a specific competence centre: Digital Pulse. There, we focus entirely on the knowledge of Craft CMS and use it to build fantastic platforms.

Would you like a demo?

We are happy to give you a clear demo of Craft CMS. Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, you are also welcome to call us yourself.