One of the many frameworks we offer at Calibrate is React. This JavaScript framework has grown enormously in popularity lately, and we too like to use it to create dynamic web applications. This framework allows us to create single page applications, which are therefore not dependent on reloading an entire browser page over and over again. This allows us to build fast and intuitive applications, with a smooth interface.


React offers a clear structure, making code reusable. A web application based on React consists of several components. These components consist of a mix of HTML and JavaScript codes, among others. It is easy to offer a React component as a separate JavaScript library. In this way, many components are already offered open source. React is also limited to display and interaction only. Many frameworks do more than that, which also makes them much more difficult to understand. The fact that React limits itself to these two things makes it very easy to use in an already existing application.

React also uses Virtual-DOM. This ensures that changes to the page are kept to a minimum, which in turn results in good browser performance. This is in contrast to other frameworks, where adjustments to the page can cause a considerable delay. Especially with complex web applications, the difference is huge.

It is also possible to execute a JavaScript code on the server. This makes React the first JavaScript framework that makes it possible to use the same code both on the server and in the browser. This allows the page to appear on the screen of visitors much faster. Speed linked to efficiency without too much unnecessary fuss, we can only applaud that.

At both Typ-Top and P-Bay, we were able to benefit from the two main advantages that React has to offer: speed and efficiency. In both cases, we were able to make the front-end, and consequently all visitor interactions on the Typ-Top and P-Bay websites, particularly dynamic and smooth. Thanks to the reusable code, React is able to prevent a website from losing speed, which means that browser performance remains at a high level at all times. Very handy, because nobody likes to wait a long time until their page is fully loaded.

React teaser

Curious about what a JavaScript framework like React can do for your website? Then contact us lightning fast, and who knows, you may soon have a website that loads faster than light!