Good news! Google has made a free version of Google Optimize available to the general public. Google Optimize is a user-friendly tool, which allows you to find out which version of your website provides the highest conversion rate based on various tests. Just read along and discover the many possibilities and advantages.

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The possibilities

With the free version of Google Optimize you have 3 possibilities:


A/B testing

An A/B test, also referred to as split testing, is a method in which you modify one element of a web page and then display and test the different versions. 50% of the visitors get to see one page and 50% get to see the variant. You can, for example, decide to use 2 different fonts on a version of a landing page or to work with different colours or call-to-actions (CTAs). After the test you can analyse which variant converts best.


Multivariation testing

In multivariation tests, you do not adjust just one element, but several elements. For example, you can change the title, colour, button and image of a CTA. The aim is then to see which combination performs best. We do, however, recommend that you do not venture into multivariation testing until you really have a lot of visitors on your website. Otherwise it will be difficult to draw good conclusions.


Redirect testing

A redirect test is actually an A/B test in which you test two completely different versions of a page. This is not a CTA or an image, but the entire page. The aim is once again to see which page converts the most visitors.

User friendly

The advantages of Google Optimize


Easy to implement

Implementing Google Optimize is easy. All you have to do is place the code once in the HTML or add the Google Optimize tag via Google Tag Manager.


Easy to use

Creating variants can be done very easily via Optimize. Simply open the website in your browser and you can immediately move, hide or change the colour of elements on a page. It is also possible to make adjustments to the HTML and Javascript or CSS. In this way, Google makes it possible to create tests in the same user-friendly way as many other tools.


Possibility to determine which visitors will see the test

An additional advantage is that Google Optimize allows you to determine who will see the test. For example, you can target on the basis of city or country, the device the visitors are using or their interest in a certain product.


Google Optimize is completely free

Please note that there is another paying version of Optimize, namely Google Optimize 360. This version has some extra features, but to start with, the free version is more than enough.


Integration with Google Analytics

As soon as you have created a Google Optimize account, you can link it to Google Analytics. This integration offers many advantages. For example, the targeting is made possible. For this purpose, Google Optimize will base itself on the data it finds in Google Analytics. You can also easily use targets and segments for testing in Optimize. You will also be able to find the results of the tests in the statistics of Google Analytics.

Want to test Google Optimize yourself?

Google Optimize is an absolute must: user-friendliness combined with an enormous amount of functionalities. Would you like to test what Google Optimize can do for you? Or do you want to gain experience with this new tool? We are happy to help you!