What is a digital experience platform (DXP)?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a better way to build digital experiences. It is a website or application that uses a collection of components, technologies and integrations to improve the experience of both the website visitor and the administrator.

We build DXP's from CMS functionality, seamlessly linking your chosen tools into a fully fledged digital experience platform.

Open Marketing met Drupal

Enjoy real Digital Freedom

Calibrate has an open marketing strategy. By using an open ecosystem, you can replace any component of this system at any time with a new component that better suits your needs. This allows for innovation and, most importantly, gives you the freedom to go where you want. 

We build a DXP tailored to your specific needs, giving you a real advantage in building and improving customer experiences. Flexibility and openness are key. We connect to today's tools and welcome connections in the future.

How can a DXP help you?

The DXP consists of a number of components that work together seamlessly. For each customer, these components are configured and adapted to your project.

User Interface

Calibrate content authoring engine

Enjoy the best Drupal management experience through a user-friendly interface. Managing data and creating pages is reduced to child's play.

Funnel sales

Integrated as a marketing platform

Drupal in combination with a set of the best marketing tools. Enjoy automated marketing, personalization and campaign marketing in one integrated platform.

Magnifying glass

Enterprise search experience

With natural language search, autocorrect and many other advanced search techniques, you're ready for Voice Search, Chatbots and a personalized search experience.

Automated deployment

Automated deployment, monitoring & reporting

Our platform keeps you informed about the status of your project and is responsible for automatic deployment of new functionalities.

Shield lock

Safety first

Security is critical to any experiential platform. It ensures that users' personal information and sensitive data is protected. By implementing robust security measures, we guarantee the safety of your web platform. This builds customer trust, which leads to growth and success for your business.

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A good digital experience platform is scalable, allowing you to grow with the needs of your organisation and your users. You can easily add new features and services, or improve the platform's performance by optimising the user experience. In this way, a DXP helps your business grow and makes you more competitive in the marketplace.

Robot automation

About accessibility

Our system is accessible, you ensure that people with different disabilities and challenges can access your content and services. By creating an accessible DXP, you reach a wider audience and increase your impact.


Hosting & Code under one roof

We guarantee a dedicated Drupal hosting environment, fully optimised for your project.

Digital experience platform for the entire customer journey

Your web visitors are no longer looking for static web pages. It's all about the online experience. The better that experience, the better you connect with your visitors. 

Every interaction has an impact on the bond your organisation builds with its customers. To successfully and efficiently work on customer building, it is important to fine-tune the overall experience people have with your organisation. 

We start with building blocks that allow you to quickly create powerful landing pages. You can quickly market your story and maintain consistency with other communication channels.

A DXP in pictures

Calibrate Drupal platform

Carefree maintenance

All clients are covered by a customized SLA. We ensure the best safety and stability by an experienced support team that is always there for you.


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