Calibrate DXP

What is a digital experience platform (DXP)?

A digital experience platform is a better way to build digital experiences. With our Experience Platform we give our customers a competitive advantage when building their customer experiences.

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a website or web application that uses a collection of components, technologies and integrations to improve the experience of both the website visitor and the administrator. Organisations use a DXP to build and continuously improve their websites, customer portals and other digital experiences.

How can a DXP help you?

The DXP consists of a number of components that work together seamlessly. For each customer, these components are configured and adapted to your project.

User Interface

Calibrate content authoring engine

Enjoy the best Drupal management experience through a user-friendly interface. Managing data and creating pages is reduced to child's play.

Funnel sales

Integrated as a marketing platform

Drupal in combination with a set of the best marketing tools. Enjoy automated marketing, personalization and campaign marketing in one integrated platform.

Drupal logo

Calibrate Drupal module suite

The best Drupal vendor offers you a combination of best-in-class Contributed Drupal modules and proprietary Open Source modules.

Magnifying glass

Enterprise search experience

With natural language search, autocorrect and many other advanced search techniques, you're ready for Voice Search, Chatbots and a personalized search experience.

Automated deployment

Automated deployment, monitoring & reporting

Our platform keeps you informed about the status of your project and is responsible for automatic deployment of new functionalities.

Shield lock

Hosting & Code done right

We provide a specialized container based hosting environment that is fully optimized for your project.

Online customer experiences

Today, your visitors on the web are no longer looking for static information. It's all about the online experience. The stronger this experience, the better your connection with your visitors.

Research shows that offering an optimized visitor experience increases your brand score, transfers information more efficiently and achieves better online conversion.

Did you know?

The Calibrate DXP has no Vendor lock-in? The platform is built according to industry standards within the Drupal community. As a customer, you have complete user rights to all components and are free to go wherever you want.

Calibrate Drupal platform

The Drupal Experience Platform is the result of continuous innovation and investment. It is a combination of cutting-edge technology, modern marketing applications and a well-oiled development platform.


Carefree maintenance

All clients are covered by a customized SLA. We ensure the best safety and stability by an experienced support team that is always there for you.

Open Marketing met Drupal

Enjoy real Digital Freedom

The Drupal Experience Platform uses the Open Marketing strategy: by using an open ecosystem, you can replace every component of this system at any time with a new component that suits your needs even better. This makes way for innovation and above all: the freedom as a customer to go wherever you want.


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