Web Content Management is more and more focused on marketers and marketing teams. Time to market is important. The key to success is how smoothly you can deal with the content and layout of your website and how quickly you succeed in publishing content.

Calibrate developed a number of user-friendly tools in Drupal that allow marketers to create beautiful page layouts and work faster and more efficiently in a flawless way, without technical knowledge.

We do this as part of the Digital Experience Platform with Drupal.

Adjusting pages in the frontend

Calibrate makes it possible to manage your pages via the page itself. This allows you to adjust the content and layout of your page while viewing it. This makes it a lot easier and clearer to make adjustments quickly and see the effect of your adjustments immediately.

Frontend editing
Paragraph browser

Reusable content blocks

We provide a number of different content blocks for content websites that can be combined. Other blocks are often designed for e-commerce websites or other specific purposes. Designing a new block is simple and budget-friendly.

The combination of these blocks makes page layout child's play, without the need for knowledge of HTML and CSS. It also ensures a consistent layout, which always looks professional and clear, and makes errors in the layout almost impossible.

When designing the websites, we use an inspiring layout. Our approach ensures that content managers always work in this inspiring layout, while no deviations are possible in the design. 

Additional benefits

This way of working is not only much more user-friendly, but also makes functionality available that would otherwise be made more difficult for content contributors when working with a standard WYSIWYG editor. By working with these blocks it will be possible to embed photo albums, for example, on all content types that use this functionality. 

The corporate identity of your company is also guaranteed, because all styling is inherent to each block and no intervention is required from a developer or any other person. 

Bereik je doelgroep op een persoonlijke manier

Wij zijn fan van Active Campaign en Mautic als automated marketing platformen. En we integreren graag met jouw bestaande oplossingen zoals Hubspot en vele anderen.

Inhoudelijk persoonlijke content leidt tot hogere online conversie. Om je doelgroep nog beter te bereiken toon je andere inhoud, afhankelijk van het bezoekers-segment van de surfer. Je beheert dit allemaal op een duidelijke en efficiĆ«nte manier, zonder dat er extra kosten of ontwikkeling nodig zijn per campagne.

Sidebar editing

Tailor-made management interface

Of course, you don't want to give your employees a jet fighter cockpit to manage the website. The first step towards a good working method is a management interface that is clear and intuitive. 

Through a simple, clear admin sidebar, you, as an administrator, get to see which actions are needed for a specific page. In this way, you can quickly and clearly see whether a page needs to be translated, has to pass through the SEO specialist and so on. 

Would you like a demo?

We are very proud and happy to show you a nice demo of the system. Book your demo moment here!