It is one thing to be able to write interesting texts, but it is quite another to set up the content in such a way that search engines will immediately see you as the reference par excellence. Fortunately, at Calibrate we can offer excellent SEO training, so that you too will soon become a real SEO expert.

Always wanted to know how to make Google your best friend? Or how to finally end up at the top of the list of search results? We can help you with that. Simon, our expert in the field, already knows his way around the many parameters that Google uses to determine which keywords produce which results and in what order they appear on your screen. All in all, the world's largest search engine takes into account no less than 200 different criteria, which actually dissect every bit of your web pages to see how well you score on each of them. And believe us when we say that this is about a lot more than just repeating your keyword a few times.

Digital reality

The new digital reality

Even before the Digital Revolution, people had to look for a source of information about that particular product every time they made a new purchase. Perhaps the newspaper was talking about it, or a magazine had just devoted an article to it, or just maybe your friends could help you. Now it is 2016 and that time is long behind us. Nowadays, no one has all the Winkler Prince Encyclopaedia series on their bookshelves, but almost everyone has the complete Wikipedia database in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. Really all the information you could ever need - from stock market trends to video game release dates to the mating behaviour of the Burmese firefly - is now online. And in the midst of all this digital violence, you too should try to consolidate your place. That's where the power of knowing how to deal with Search Engine Optimization lies, because otherwise you're in danger of drowning in the digital jungle.

Impatient scanning

Reading in the real world often has a calming effect and people often take their time, but once they are sitting behind a computer screen, the reality looks completely different. After all, online readers have no patience, because they are purposefully searching for information and give each website an average of about a minute and a half to come up with an answer to their questions. If they don't find anything to their liking, they quickly turn right in the direction of Google to try out the next link - and where the process repeats itself, until they finally find what they are looking for. Consequence: make the most of the short time that you know how to attract a visitor's attention, and convince him/her of your website/product. Generally speaking, a simple task (finding the right info on the right page) should be able to happen within a minute, a more complex task (switching to online purchase or another conversion) should take no more than ten minutes, according to research.


Belangrijk om te onthouden daarbij is dat er online opmerkelijk weinig gelezen wordt, maar dat er vaak gewoon snel gescand wordt op interessante woorden of termen. Wij zitten hier wel naarstig te werken aan boeiende content en proberen je hier te overtuigen van de meerwaarde die onze SEO-opleiding kan bieden, maar we betwijfelen ten zeerste of je nog exact weet wat er nu net in de vorige alinea stond (of dat je die al helemaal van begin tot einde gelezen hebt, om mee te beginnen). Zorg er dus zeker voor dat alle tekst op je pagina‚Äôs overzichtelijk blijven en niet louter een stortvloed aan ellenlange zinnen worden, want zo raak je je bezoekers onherroepelijk aan een sneltempo kwijt. Durf daarom zeker ook je content te herschrijven.

It is important to remember that there is remarkably little reading online, but that it is often just a quick scan for interesting words or terms. We are here working diligently on interesting content and trying to convince you of the added value that our SEO training can offer, but we doubt very much whether you still know exactly what was just stated in the previous paragraph (or whether you have read it from beginning to end, to start with). So make sure that all the text on your pages remains well-organised and doesn't just become a deluge of long sentences, because in this way you will irrevocably lose your visitors. Therefore, be sure to rewrite your content.

Language miztakes and basic concepts

Every writer of any kind of text knows that the perfect text doesn't just flow out of your fingers in a jiffy - apart from a few gifted examples. Especially when the aim is to convince your visitors, it's best to pay the necessary attention to the way in which you get your message across. Nobody likes to read stupid language miztakes or other linguistic blunders, and such omissions don't look too professional. Decide in advance which angle you will use and which direction your text will take, gather the necessary information and start with a first version. If you are satisfied with this, you can start polishing and fine-tuning your creation. Rewrite, correct, check, repeat. Be creative with headlines and interheadings, because this is another way to arouse the interest of your reader - and also make your texts that little bit more scannable again.

Books and buffets

Our SEO training is there for everyone, so we certainly don't lose sight of the basic concepts. The title tag, URL and meta description are good examples of this. The absolute laymen in the trade - no problem, Simon is happy to teach the rookies as well as the experienced ones the tricks of the trade - may not immediately know what these three terms mean, but copywriters with some track record immediately know that they are the backbone of good SEO. The title tag is the title your page gets, and just like a book, it's what catches the eye the most. Scanability, remember? A short and concise title in which, in addition to the most important term(s) in your text, you also casually play out your own brand name, which is a good start to be found by search engines. The same goes for your URL, because there too your most important term has to be central to be noticed by Google and its friends. Your meta description will help you to convince both those inanimate search engines and your visitors of flesh and blood. It's best to bring your keyword up again, but above all to explain briefly and concisely why your page is worth reading. You light up a first hint of the veil, with which you lure the surfer towards your website. Try not to put too much information in it, because then your text will not be shown in the search results in its entirety. Give your readers a taster and convince them to come in for the full buffet.


In fact, the end of the last paragraph is exactly what we have just done here. Thanks to this blog post you should already have picked up some principles of the noble art of SEO copywriting, but of course there is so much more to discover. After all, we haven't even talked about the importance of content enrichment through multimedia, inbound and outbound links on your pages, the ideal length of your content ... In short, we haven't even finished talking yet. Convinced of our expertise? Then book a date with Calibrate, and, thanks to our SEO training, get completely at home in the world of fascinating online texts that will ensure that you will also be noticed by Google. Maybe not everyone agrees, but until further notice, the copywriter is the cornerstone of any successful web project. The fact that the Calibrate copywriter wrote this story has nothing to do with that. It really has nothing to do with it.


Do you have any questions? Are you unclear or curious? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.