What is automated marketing?

The landscape of marketing automation is growing at a rapid pace, and in 2017 you really can't escape it. The first steps in marketing automation can be a real challenge. That's why Calibrate is here to help you on your way. Do you want to easily use email marketing, social marketing, landing pages and so much more to reach your visitors with personalised content, and then increase your sales? Then be sure to read along.

Marketing automation

You can divide marketing automation into three important tasks: building digital profiles, setting up relevant campaigns and converting leads. Through marketing automation, you enter, so to speak, into conversation with your client. Among other things, you remember which pages he visits, where he clicks, which events interest him, and so on. By saving all this data, you create a unique profile of each customer. This profile is used by organisations only to send relevant information to the client. After all, you know exactly what concerns him or her. You only point out things that are related to the visitor. In the last step, you then transfer your leads from the marketing department to the sales department.

Personalised campaigns

Marketing automation has grown enormously in recent years. The advantages are therefore endless. You get a customer database with clear profiles, so you know exactly which customers need what. The segmentation is also based on both explicit and implicit behaviour. This gives you a better insight into a customer's willingness to buy a product. But the biggest advantage is that you can personalise your campaigns. 

The aim of marketing automation is to generate more leads. More leads ensure a higher conversion rate, which in turn leads to a higher return on investment. And as you know: more sales generate more profit. Once the ball is rolling well, you can't stop it!


Marketing automation with Mautic

One of the applications we use at Calibrate is Mautic, the perfect entry-level tool for marketing automation. Mautic is the beating heart for online marketing. With this free open source marketing automation system, you can build visitor profiles. You can then target these potential customers with the right message, increasing interest and the clickthrough rate. This leads to a higher return on investment. We also seamlessly integrate Mautic into Drupal, which immediately opens many doors.


With Mautic you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily analyse the surfing behaviour of your visitors
  • Collect visitor data with progressive profiling
  • Create personalised marketing via email, social media and more
  • Segmenting potential customers via lead scoring
  • Target your potential customers with the right message
  • Increase your conversions and your ROI
  • Create fully automatic marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring a personal message with dynamic content

So 2017 may well be Mautic's year in the world of marketing automation. After all, it offers all the applications you need to make your digital marketing even more targeted. In just a few minutes you can install Mautic on your own server and get straight to work. As you can already see: a huge number of functions, and all this without any additional licence fees.

The lead scoring system makes it easy to segment your web users (i.e. your potential customers) with Mautic. This allows you to carry out your digital marketing in a more targeted way, which can provide an enormous boost.

There are many advanced tools, but we at Calibrate believe that Mautic is the perfect entry-level tool. It provides you with a host of functionalities, without any additional licence fees. 

Thrilled by marketing automation?

The landscape of marketing automation is constantly changing, so it is vital that you keep up with the latest developments. Calibrate will be happy to help you further, explaining all the benefits and operation of Mautic to you in detail.

Of course, Mautic is not the only tool to get you on the right track in the wonderful world of automated marketing. Calibrate also works with other tools such as Hubspot, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign and many others.