Anyone who once needed an industrial warehouse for their goods may have come into contact with WDP - or Warehouses De Pauw, although the abbreviation sounds more succinct. Since 1971, the mission of this family business has been to own, develop and manage semi-industrial and logistics property, which today results in more than 3,000,000 square metres of storage space. This does not mean that the whole of Belgium is full of warehouses, as the company is now also active in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania.

WDP responsieve website

As market leader in the Benelux in the field of warehouse rental, WDP is of course obliged by its status to be able to present an attractive and smoothly functioning website to its visitors. Calibrate was of course happy to lend them a hand. The idea behind WDP's new website was that it should be more flexible compared to its predecessor, so that it could serve new dynamic looking content to its visitors every time.

In 2019, even after the redesign, we have further optimised the overview of projects, warehouses across all locations, in collaboration with our regular UX partner. An important objective here was to improve the search and filter possibilities and to make it easy for visitors to find the right contact for specific locations.

However, even more important for WDP's business was another addition: a feature that should offer visitors an available warehouse in a user-friendly, fast and efficient way based on a few simple criteria, such as available floor space and location. This addition was given a prominent place on the home page, so that visitors can immediately look for a suitable warehouse and WDP can optimise their own conversion. The search results are not only displayed on the website in a nice and clear way, visitors can also enter their e-mail address in order to receive the list of available locations in a pdf file. If you click through on one of the available properties, you will immediately see more details and - very important - in this 'end of user-funnel' on the details page you can also contact the right person directly to actually rent the property or get more info.

WDP homepagina

Not only was the homepage taken care of, Calibrate also made the necessary adjustments to the rest of the website. We created a news feed that automatically pours the content from other social media platforms of WDP and the content on its own website into a dynamic overview.

The overview of all locations is of course one of the most important pillars in the website, and had to be viewed and found in a simple way by the visitors. Thanks to our SEO, SEA &UX team, the necessary triggers are triggered when a visitor wants to contact WDP about a specific building.

In this way, visitors can continue to follow WDP's other channels and consult the company's press and blog messages at a glance. Another important change is that in this assignment we actually combined two different WDP websites into one. After all, there used to be a specific website for investors, which was separate from WDP's general website. To complete the picture - and also because a major international player such as WDP wants this - the website was also built in a completely trilingual format (Dutch, English, French).

Thanks to Calibrate, WDP is once again fully in tune with what the website of an authority such as theirs should bring. We built for them a dynamic homepage and a ditto news overview, and merged their two separate websites (one for the general public and one for investors) into one fluid whole. Or to put it in WDP terms: we turned two smaller warehouses into one new, bright new warehouse.

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