Claeys & Engels is the first specialised law firm to offer a full service to both national and international clients in all matters related to human capital. Their firm therefore offers a full range of legal services in all matters relating to human resources from six offices spread across Belgium.

Claeys & Engels called in Calibrate's help in response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is the new European measure to better regulate online data protection and it will have an impact on many HR departments. The GDPR already entered into force in May 2016, but companies will have until May 2018 to put their affairs in order under this new regulation. As a prominent pioneer in the field of HR legislation, Claeys & Engels wanted to make this transition as smooth as possible for all companies by means of a handy website on which all possible relevant information can be found easily and quickly. As a result, we were able to create, a small but clear website about the how, what and why of these new regulations.

Claeys & Engels devices

Our designer went to Claeys & Engels to discuss what was just needed, and what the expectations were about the new website. Once the outlines of the project had been drawn up, our designer drew up the design on the spot.

In this way Claeys & Engels and Calibrate could easily discuss the design of the website, so that the visual aspect could be fine-tuned quickly and easily.

Claeys & Engels content

Afterwards, one of our front-end developers also made the trip to the offices of Claeys & Engels, to set up the website in Drupal. He made sure that the website was not only multilingual (the website is available in Dutch, French and English), but also that it was perfectly responsive from any device. In this way, everyone can look up the necessary information about this new regulation in the HR world. We also built in a handy countdown on the website, so that thanks to the collaboration between Claeys & Engels and Calibrate, you know exactly how much time you have left to be in order with the new GDPR. An ideal example of how, with a designer and developer on site, we can also achieve the necessary successes in the short term for relatively smaller projects.


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