• The previous environment was digitally fragmented and caused a lot of administrative work. Moreover, the online shop was outdated and did not allow content marketing.
  • Inverde needed a website with an administrative training system linked to it. In order to optimize the service, a new public website and a new system were needed to offer, purchase and run training courses.

Our approach

We first examined the digital strategic plan and determined the top tasks. Then we drew the user journeys and determined the User Experience Design.

The platform consists of a Learning Management part, WCMS part and was also linked to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inverde's financial back-office system (for which an internal migration process was planned). 


UX design

In a number of workshops the prototype of the website was made. The wireframes defined the structure for the most important webpages. For each web page it was determined in consultation which elements were needed and where they were best placed.  In this way the website got its first forms and the basis was laid for the graphic design.

grafische design inverde

Grafisch design 

Based on the wireframes and the house style guide, the designer converted the most important pages and all the elements to be used into a graphic design. In addition to the structure, it became clear what the website would actually look like.


After the design was approved and finalized, the developers started the development. In twelve sprints the Drupal 8 websites were developed, Drupal 8 Commerce was integrated, the Learning Management System (LMS) Totara was set up and the links to this LMS, the WMS and the accounting package were made. Totara had to be fully configured to meet the needs of Inverde.

In between, the progress was demonstrated several times and each time the resulting feedback was processed.


After the development, Calibrate provided the training in collaboration with The Learning Hub. The employees of Inverde had to be trained in Drupal 8, but also in Totara. The entire system was run through during the training in view of the daily tasks that the employees of Inverde would encounter. These included managing content, stock control, training management and processing orders to Exact's accounting package.



After an intense project Inverde once again has a new manageable website and a training administration, but based on modern technology in a fresh look and feel: a Drupal Commerce website linked to a Totara Learning Management System.

Did you know?

Training courses are managed in Totara. Among other things, descriptions, teachers, where and when the training is given is recorded in different variations of the training. This information is automatically imported into Drupal. 

Through the website a student can view all relevant information of the training and register for a session. The enrollment is ordered via Drupal Commerce functionality. The implementation of waiting lists ensures that students can still participate in case of dropouts.

A trainee can be part of a company, allowing the company to take on the financial account. Registrations are confirmed to the student, but also all orders for registration are automatically forwarded to the accounting package Exact Online. There, the registrations are automatically under the correct cost item. Once a course is successfully completed, Totara also provides certification for the student. A complete process: from the creation of a training course to processing in accounting and certification!

Leer onze boeken

The website also provides for the purchase of books. This information is automatically imported from the WMS BME. Here, books are managed by Inverde and the stock is also kept up to date. This information can therefore also be viewed by a website visitor. Books can be purchased through the Drupal Commerce online shop section.

... but not least

Of course, the Drupal 8 website Inverde also offers the necessary tools to give their marketing the necessary boost. In the field of SEO, all possible meta tags can be adjusted to optimize the score. Pages can be shared via the current social media channels. Statistics are collected via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. And interested parties can subscribe to a newsletter, which is handled by Mailchimp.


Do you also need a thorough makeover of your digital presence? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you!