Drupal is a modern piece of technology that is rolled out by Calibrate on a dedicated and optimized hosting environment.

Cloud blanco

In the Cloud

We host all our projects on a Google Cloud environment. Each website is hosted in multiple hosting containers, which ensures optimal stability. Your data is safe and is regularly stored in backups.

Paper plane

No worries

Hosting experts and developers work on your project in one team. You have point of contact to discuss your project. Report a problem? You talk to a single contact person and your problem will be solved quickly by the integrated team.

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Specialized and optimized

The hosting environment is specifically designed for your project. We developed Drupal hosting environments that are optimized for Drupal and web applications. This way you get the best out of both hardware and software.

Our hosting technology

The Drupal Platform

Our Drupal hosting services are part of the specialized Drupal platform.

It delivers an great Digital Experience platform.

Platform strategy

We offer specialized hosting for all our web apps.

Whether they're built in Drupal or any other technology, the hosting is always tailored to your web app.