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We are looking for a Senior Drupal developer and analyst to join our Drupal team. The team consists of other experienced Drupal experts and also less experienced colleagues who would like to learn more.

What does your week look like?

Every week will be different, because we love variety. As a Senior Drupal expert, we have a number of core tasks that we would like you to be involved in:

  • Technical lead
    You take the technical lead of the projects we carry out for clients. You take the lead in determining the technical architecture and the technical decisions that need to be made.
  • Share your knowledge
    Inside and outside the projects, you are open to your less experienced colleagues to act as a coach. If you are open to it, you can even be appointed as a buddy, so that you can take someone specifically under your wing.
  • Building the future
    You will contribute to the further development of our Digital Experience Platform. As a leading Drupal agency, Calibrate continues to build a better digital experience every day and we do this in the form of our DXP.
  • Research lead
    Much of our Research & Development takes place in the form of task forces. You participate in or take the lead of a task force, again if you are open to it. The aim of our task forces is to perform R&D, which may serve as preparation for inclusion in the DXP. We are open to all new, fresh ideas.
  • Shaping new projects
    Occasionally, you are called in as a presales engineer. Then you get the chance to analyse a new project, help determine the approach and shape the dossier.
  • Open Source minded
    You have the Open Source DNA in you, and you are used to letting the fruits of your work flow back to the Drupal community and the Calibrate DXP.
  • Dev(el)op
    You are the bridge between the world of devops, hosting and development, in order to manage those aspects of our projects as well.
Work time


That's quite a lot and we want to give you a lot in return.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • As you may expect, your salary package is very complete. In addition to your salary, you are also entitled to hospitalisation and group insurance, a company car, GSM subscription, working materials and a laptop. You will also enjoy a range of other benefits.
  • The Calibrate DNA cannot be summarised in one sentence, but we can sum it up in these words: transparent, honest and human. We realise only too well that we are one group of people and good communication and culture are extremely important to us.
  • Do you want more? Then we would like to motivate you to acquire additional knowledge. We all earn our money by providing professional services, and knowledge is indispensable for this. Everyone has an annual training budget and, in addition, Calibrate itself also organises additional training.
  • You enjoy flexible working hours and workplaces. You can work from home or at one of our four offices.
  • Our clients are diverse and our projects exciting and substantial.

Are you interested in this vacancy? Leave your details and we will schedule an interview.

And we like to say thank you too, from time to time 😁👉


Meet our clients

We work for a very diverse range of customers and that's where we get our kicks. In every situation, we like to give the appropriate advice and build great solutions for all kinds of organisations.