Calibrate is an official CiviCRM partner. We support organizations and companies in setup of CiviCRM and integrating CiviCRM into websites.

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For whom is CiviCRM essential?

It has been developed for a wide range of member organizations, with a focus on:

  • Civil society organizations and associations
  • Government agencies and organisations
  • Interest groups
  • Non-profit and NGOs
  • Companies with memberships

CiviCRM is open source

CRM stands for "Constituent Relationship Management". The goal of a CRM is to optimize your member management as much as possible. This is done by storing your member data centrally. All the main interactions with your members are also stored and displayed centrally in the contact sheet.

CiviCRM is completely Open Source, which means that you are not tied to a closed source vendor and therefore you can make full use of the advantages of Open Source software.

Did you know?

CiviCRM is a CRM system that supports organizations in managing contacts, membership, subscriptions and events. As an organization you want to get to know your members or contacts as well as possible in order to serve them in the best possible way. After all, a good CRM application is the beating heart of an organization. Choosing an online application ensures that your CRM system is always available via the internet. That is an enormous advantage.


CiviCRM contains by default the most important modules that a non-profit organization needs. Central to this is the management of the contacts. For the various processes, in addition to the core modules, there is also a whole range of modules developed by the community of developers.

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The core functionality includes:

  • Good contact management (all stakeholders of the organization)
  • Management/Dashboard (with reports and analyses)
  • Members (management, subscription management...)
  • Event and training management (registration, processing...)
  • Communication via e-mail, including newsletters
  • Online payment (membership fees, fundraising, linked to accounting)

Integrating CiviCRM

The technical implementation of CiviCRM is often done in combination with a CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress, frameworks that are easy to use and maintain. The integration with Drupal ensures a seamless integration between CiviCRM and CMS, which offers numerous benefits. This allows you to link your marketing machine to your customer system to save time and resulting in professionalism.

CiviCRM has the necessary tools to integrate and import the current operations of an association, with Outlook address files, Filemaker, Access and other databases or information files as sources. By thoroughly analyzing these and migrating to CiviCRM using the correct methods, you are able to continue working on the data you previously had at your disposal.

Payments for free contributions, memberships and events can be handled by online payment platforms such as Ogone, Mollie, Paypal ... Transfers are made with a OGM reference. Payments by bank transfer can be exported from the bank and imported into CiviCRM through the CiviBanking Extension.

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