Hello Drupal fanatics! Welcome to “Drupal & AI Adventures. In this series, we explore the fantastic world of Drupal modules powered by artificial intelligence. Our mission? We want to inspire and enlighten YOU. We'll dive in together! This time we're talking about Automatic Metadata. 


Automatic metadata?

This module uses the OpenAI GPT LLM (language model) to fill in meta descriptions automatically. Editors today do this manually. 

A “Generate Metadata” button appears on all node pages of the selected content types. Enter the node's title and click the 'Generate Metadata' button to generate the meta description for the page.

Based on the given title, Open AI generates a meta description for the page and will replace the Summary field. The generated description is then used as a meta description on search engines.

Facebook metadata




This module has limited use. You can see that by the limited number of issues in the issue queue and metrics on drupal.org. 

There are only 4 commits in total. 
Before using this we should go through the code thoroughly. 


Ai interpolator is a whole ecosystem of modules that provide ai functionalities. With limited effort, automatic metadata can be set up with this module.  This module is widely used and actively maintained.