Hello Drupal fanatics! Welcome to “Drupal & AI Adventures. In this series, we explore the fantastic world of Drupal modules powered by artificial intelligence. Our mission? We want to inspire and enlighten YOU. We'll dive in together! This time we are talking about 'One click' translations.

Translate button

'One click' translations?

A “Translate with ChatGPT” option is displayed on the “Translate” tab of the content for each enabled language. Only if no translation is available for that language.

After clicking this link, the original content is retrieved and translated using the ChatGPT service.

But there is a limitation, OpenAI cannot provide translation with HTML and formatting. It will be a plain text translation, to which we can manually add formatting.

What about Paragraphs or Layout builder?

In the Drupal world, pages are built in different ways. Paragraphs and Layout builder are the two most common. Paragraphs has been around longer and Layout builder is even more recent but a little more powerful. Depending on the structure of your site, we can simply enable this module and you can translate your content into the language of your choice with 1 click of a button. 

Can I also translate in batch?

We have options for this as well. 
We like to look at this site by site, but the main building blocks have already been created for this. 

What about existing translation flows?

If you already have translation flows (for example with the translation management module) tmgmt, an openai plugin can be added here as well. 


  • https://www.drupal.org/project/tmgmt_openai
    • This module is already actively used and falls within the translation management tools framework within Drupal.  If you are already using this, this is definitely a good choice.
  • https://www.drupal.org/project/chatgpt_plugin/
    • This is rather a simple implementation, but the module is powerful in its simplicity (e.g. of interface). If you do not already have specific modules forth translation managament, you can easily add a powerful translation feature with this module.  

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