You're a Drupal backend developer, or there's a little voice somewhere inside of you that you want to become one? 

Jan Becaus

Reason 1: no nonsense

We build large Drupal platforms. This means that many projects involve a serious portion of custom development. A front-end developer will shrug his shoulders or run away laughing, but a real back-end developer will just sit back and write that (hard) code "with a vengeance".

Whether you have a lot of experience or little, at Calibrate you get the chance to do your thing. We are looking for people who are really eager to get their teeth into PHP development, in the form of Drupal Module development and Symfony development.  To put it in the words of Jan Becaus, "that's no cat's piss!

All you need is a thorough knowledge of PHP.  Anyway, that, or a firm head on your shoulders to acquire that knowledge in the course of a few months. Knowledge of object-oriented programming is of course a prerequisite. 

Stef De Waele Calibrate

Number three: I got cribz yo

We are part of a larger group, with all the advantages that go with it. Would you like to experience the craziest Sinterklaas party in the world? We've got it. Looking for a super interesting salary package with company car, group insurance, laptop and all that bling? Or would you like to make use of the opportunity to work at the location that suits you best? Antwerp? Ghent? Kortrijk? Leuven? We got cribz yo!

Korean chicken

Two: Say CIP, not KIP

Do you want to learn a lot, or do you often have new ideas to make the Drupal world a better place? With the Calibrate Innovation Platform you get a platform where you can present your idea and have it supported. We look at the idea with you and help you to develop it further, for the benefit of you, your colleagues, Calibrate and the Drupal community.

It goes without saying that we are always up to date with technology. We are also looking for people who want to participate in researching and shaping this innovation and new technology. We are proud of what we already have in terms of 'stack', but to stand still is to lose!

Do you have any other reasons? New wishes or ideas? Come and discuss them.