As one of the largest and most experienced Belgian Drupal agencies, we have been a partner of Drupal events for many years. We are part of the huge Drupal community and like to give back as much as we get. If we run into bugs during projects, we are happy to squash them and share our solution with the community right away.

But we are also happy to support all Drupal events, both financially and in terms of content. This time we would like to express our ongoing commitment to the Drupal community through our platinum sponsorship for DrupalCamp.

Jump in!

Are you looking for a cool job? What do you (not) like to do, what are your interests, your strengths, and what are your guilty pleasures: come and tell us as much as you like at DrupalCamp. Don't forget to ask us what we are looking for, who our clients are, where we want to go in the long run and what our Friday afternoons look like, because ...

We are looking for 10 passionate Drupal/web experts for all our challenging projects. The toppers we are looking for may be rarer than unicorns, but if we are going to find the Drupal and web freaks that fit our team somewhere, then DrupalCamp!

Office fun

What's so great about Calibrate?

(We apologise, it is quite a laundry list).

  • You can work flexibly: in one of our three offices (Antwerp, Ghent or Leuven) and occasionally from home.
  • You get a company car with a fuel card.
  • You can count on the freedom to train continuously and can do research in addition to your daily tasks and projects to your heart's content.
  • You complete an incredible team and work in a pleasant informal atmosphere. Staff turnover at Calibrate is minimal. If you feel at home in a strict hierarchical structure, we probably have bad news for you.
  • So you can also count on the advice of our experienced team on everything web and online. By the way, the only Belgian member of the Drupal Security Team plants his butt every day in one of our office chairs.
  • Every afternoon we eat sandwiches or something with an alternative fat content together, on Friday at four o'clock we exchange them for the glass version.