Calibrate as a professional speaker at the NxT TALK event of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

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Students of the 3rd year NxT Media Technology annually organize the NxT TALK event.

At this event, people from the business world come to talk about a theme related to the graduation tracks (Audio Video, Virtual & 3D and Web & UX) of NxT Media Technology.

If we can get students excited about web technology in business then Calibrate would be happy to help. In this session we explained how we approach projects and what the most important steps are. 

At school they will learn how to build a website or wireframes. But how does it go on the work floor? What is the timeline and trajectory to convert a customer's idea to a working website? We were happy to formulate an answer to these questions.

A website is more than just development. During this session we demonstrated the different phases how Calibrate works, using a 360° service through digital strategy, design, construction and digital marketing.

In a web company there are more than just 'backenders' or 'frontenders'. We distinguish different profiles such as analysts, marketers, ux/designers, devops up to and including the people who follow up and sell the project.

Did you know?

Calibrate likes to invest in training and coaching young talent. Calibrate has a collaboration with Karel de Grote School, Odisee Hogeschool, Hogeschool Gent and Thomas More Hogeschool. Through this cooperation there is an opportunity to follow an internship or perform a bachelor's thesis at our office.


How does Calibrate deal with the customer's idea? From the strategic research where we work with a KPI, target group, competition research and SEO research to the execution of a user journey. These studies are converted to UX and design.


With Calibrate, the project approach depends on the size of the project. For example, we have projects that we tackle within a smaller team or larger projects that are handled in larger teams. For example, larger projects have a backlog consisting of user stories and a project manager who keeps a balance between scope, budget and development.

In addition, a website needs to be provided with hosting. During this presentation we discussed our development, deployment and hosting strategy using container based hosting.


The website is ready and in production. What to do now? The website must continue to 'live'. Calibrate offers SEO/SEA support and offers the possibility to create a KPI dashboard based on the needs and wishes of the customer.

More than web development

Last but not least, Calibrate is more than just web development. That's how we talked about our CaliCulture. From the Calibrate weekend or airsoften together to attending a congress.

Calibrate op NxT Event

It was a pleasure for Calibrate to be present at the NxT event of the Charlemagne University of Applied Sciences. Congratulations to the students of the 3rd year NxT Media Technology who organized this event. We are happy to be present at future events!


Interested in an internship at Calibrate? Contact us and visit us at our offices in Ghent, Edegem, Leuven or Kortrijk!