In September, the crème de la crème of the Drupal community came together for Drupalcon Barcelona. It turned out to be an extremely interesting Drupalcon. A release date was proposed for the first "Drupal 8 release candidate" and the sessions were of excellent quality.

Below we list the 5 sessions you must have seen.

1: Driesnote

"We need to talk' are the words with which Dries Buytaert begins his Driesnote. A sincere down to earth keynote, with answers to a number of questions the Drupal Community is struggling with.

2: Making Drupal fly - The fastest Drupal ever is here!

Big pipe has already been mentioned in the Driesnote. By applying "progressive decoupling" to a website it is possible to maintain the benefits of Drupal's layout tools. Combined with lazy loading or ESI, this offers great performance wins.

Big pipe uses 'cache tags', 'cache context' 'max age' and automatic placeholders to load websites faster than their shadows.

Best of all, it's out of the box available in Drupal 8! Undoubtedly one of the best new features in Drupal 8!

3: Configuration Deployment Best Practices in Drupal 8

CMI is the next big thing in Drupal 8. It makes it possible to continuously deploy websites.

This talk explains how configuration management works in Drupal 8 and shows a number of best practices for deployment.

4: Features for Drupal 8

Now that content management is at its core, Features can focus back on its original goal: bundling functionality into reusable modules.

Because of the choices made for CMI, there are a number of challenges/reflections in this respect.

This session gives a good overview of the new possibilities of Features. But it mainly offers a number of insights into porting a module, which is as complex as Features, to Drupal 8.

5: Drupal in 2020

To be fully up to date in 2020, we need to respond now to the trends of the future. Crell predicts the further development of pushweb and how we need to respond to that in order to be ready for the future now.

Attention, this is a very technical session!