Drupalcon Europe, the annual Drupal event that the entire Drupal community looks forward to. We were there!


We come together from all over Europe and far beyond to spend 4 days learning about the Drupal ecosystem. It is not a purely technical event, besides the technical tracks there are also tracks on project management, business strategy, industry and clients, being human and community. In short, everyone with a soft spot for Drupal will learn about the topics that are important to them.

In addition to attending sessions, a large part of Drupalcon vibe consists of meeting other people. This usually happens in spint rooms, where together we take care of open issues in Drupal's issue queue. And of course at, around, and beside the event. At social gatherings, at a restaurant or café, or by participating in the annual Drupalcon quiz.

Drupal community

Part of the success of the Drupal community lies in the warm atmosphere at the various Drupal events. Under the motto "come for the code, stay for the community" at Cons, Camps, meetups, user groups, etc., everyone is given a warm welcome, in a personalized manner that takes into account everyone's identity. Everyone is given a warm welcome, in a personal manner with an eye for everyone's identity.

At DrupalCon Europe 2021 the Drupal community experimented with hybrid events for the first time. The main event was still online, where all sessions were streamed, but there were 2 of the 4 days where local events also met in-person. This was the case in Ghent, for Drupal Belgium, an event in Rotterdam for DrupalJam, in Kiev Ukraine, Germany and also in Zurich, Switzerland.



This setup was different for Wednesday and Thursday, where on Wednesday there were no sessions in the morning, but mainly a social moment and in the afternoon streamed sessions could be attended. On Wednesday evening there were also 2 social events planned, a dinner and drinks afterwards.

The crazy thing here is that for some of us this was the first contact with a restaurant since the start of the pandemic, to be able to do this with drupal friends was a hugely special experience.

Physical keynotes

On Thursday, there were also streamed sessions in the morning followed by 2 real keynote speakers.

We saw Ruth Cheesly talk about Mautic, mautic's community structures and how they are quite similar to how Drupal handles its working groups. There was bitter little to see about mautic as a software product itself, but for that there is Mautic Conference Europe 2021 coming up soon.

Baddy also came to speak IRL, in this case a session about the Drupal Association and how its structures work and what they all do, we learned about the work they do to integrate gitlab, among other things, but also about how the board structures worked.


Mautic meetup

After the 2 days of Drupal there was also a mautic meetup planned, where of course we could not miss, if only for the drinks afterwards, because although for a first Drupal event it started rather tentatively we quickly fell back on the familiar warm feeling of the Community.

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