Attention for our planet

We all know that our beautiful planet sometimes has to endure hard times. We are becoming more and more aware that every one of us has to intervene, because we all want to continue to enjoy our beautiful nature and will therefore have to contribute our (small) part.

At Calibrate, we consider corporate social responsibility of paramount importance.

We want to do that on two levels. On the one hand you have the socially engaged part for our external stakeholders. On the other hand, we also give a lot back to the Drupal and open source community, our internal stakeholder. 

On the top of that, several of our clients have an affinity with sustainable entrepreneurship. For instance, we have been collaborating with MVO Vlaanderen (Departement of Work and Social Economy) for many years within the framework of various projects. And in the private sector, for example, vdk as a sustainable, ethical bank is also a fixed value in our customer portfolio. 


Affordable and sustainable energy  

  • Use of energy from renewable sources: join/participate in thirdparty projects.  
  • Systematic greening of the vehicle fleet. 

Responsible consumption and production  

  • Policies against food waste  
  • Paperless working  
  • Waste reduction 

Climate action  

  • Determination of CO2 footprint: actions and CO2 reduction  
  • Residence, work and service placement 

Nature conservation  

  • Biodiversity/nature conservation actions at home or abroad  
  • Sustainable use of space 



Stimulating green mobility

Over the past period, our fleet has gradually become much greener. Remarkably, since 2015, not a single car has had CO2 emissions exceeding 170 grams, whereas four years earlier it had been more than 5 percent. 

Of course we promote electric driving, the bicycle for commuting and make commuter bikes available for short trips. Our Mobility Center has special bicycle parking spaces. 

During the week of mobility (the third week of September) several Car Free Days will be set up at our various office locations. These days guarantee a range of whirlwind actions to make our employees move more. 

Besides mobility and traffic safety, Calibrate wants to focus on a healthy lifestyle and sensitization. By making workplaces available to our employees and customers at different locations in Flanders, we ensure that they can move faster and in an environmentally friendly way on a daily basis. Nevertheless, at Calibrate we want to continue to raise awareness in order to make a conscious choice about home-work traffic, even when the weather is a bit disappointing. 


Afterwork activities and sports are organized at all locations. In some locations you can play weekly badminton, there was also an initiation diving, spinning, etc...

In the summer, thanks to the sun, we can enjoy water sports such as supping, kayaking and swimming. In winter we choose skiing, polar bear diving or bowling. 

Last but not least, we like to take part with the whole group in events such as the Death Ride, 10 miles, bike races,...

Drupal knowledge transfer

But Calibrate goes further than that. We are also active as speakers at events such as DrupalCon and DrupalCamp. At those events we present knowledge sessions so we can share our knowledge back with the community. We are also in the habit of organizing internal "lighting talks" on Fridays, where every colleague within the company had the opportunity to present a certain topic to the entire team (e.g. something new, groundbreaking, guidelines... whether it is technical, something in the context of project work, customer guidance...).

So we also give back to our internal stakeholders, the Drupal community.

One of our major internal stakeholders is the Drupal community, to which we contribute on a daily basis. 

Since version 5 of Drupal, Calibrate has made the strategic choice to work with Drupal. Calibrate has been working with Drupal since all those years and over time has specialized in everything relates to Drupal. 

With the focus on more technically complex projects and the extensive expertise of our core developers, we have been able to create one of the best Drupal agencies in Belgium. It is our ambition to continue to fulfill that role and, together with the Drupal community, to remain the pioneers and pioneers in the Drupal CMS world. 

But our expertise goes beyond just developing new web projects. We also manage and maintain a large number of Drupal environments, from various companies and goverment agencies. So Calibrate has the experience, knowledge and people to successfully guide a Drupal environment through its entire lifecycle. 

Does this vision fit completely within your corporate culture and are you looking for a committed long-term partner? Then leave your contact details below!