In the strategic phase of a website project, it is very important to perform a thorough analysis first. Next to a data analysis, a top tasks research and a competition analysis, Calibrate also offers expert reviews. The main goal of an expert review is to discover the bottlenecks of your website.


What is an Expert Review?

An expert review is a research method in which a UX designer investigates how to make your website more user-friendly and accessible. He notes all his findings and then presents them in the form of a report or a presentation. Through his expertise you get more insight into the points for improvement of your website. He looks at the content, the design of the website, the structure and navigation and the search experience.

In an expert review, the most important conversion bottlenecks are identified. We also tell you how you can improve or solve these bottlenecks. During the review, the entire website experience is analysed. The user-friendliness, consistency, accessibility, layout, user flow and content are taken into account. We also take a close look at the structure and navigation, as well as the ordering process and any contact forms. Nothing escapes our strict - but fair - view.

Op basis van kwantitatief onderzoek werd de structuur en het UX design van onze website aangepakt. De website ziet er frisser en luchtiger uit. Trots op het resultaat!
Annemie Van Dijck
Strategisch Marketeer water-link


  • Immediate insights into the bottlenecks of your website
  • Tailor-made analysis of the current situation of your website in terms of user friendliness, content, user flow...
  • Immediately get to work with concrete points for improvement
  • Optimized user experience leads to increased conversion rates

How does it work?


We'll discuss some important elements. What is your target group? What are the objectives? The answers to these questions determine what we need to focus on and give direction to the research.


Our UX-designer starts with the expert review, taking into account the input of the intake. All his remarks are bundled in a clear report.


After our report is ready, we will report during a workshop. We explain our findings and give personal advice, which you can use immediately.

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