July 2, 2021, the day I was invited to Calibrate for a job interview that suited me. And actually: the day my professional career really started!

After going through a two-week application period, I didn't go for the familiar "I came. I saw. I conquered." but rather the version "I came. I saw. I stayed." because that's how convinced I was of the culture in the company.

Four months later, I can still say with complete conviction that Calibrate was the best start to my career I could have had. Not only do I feel well coached, but I also notice that Calibrate takes into account what direction I want to go in later.

After rain comes sunshine" or in my case Calibrate

Sometimes life doesn't run smoothly, this was also the case for me and after a few months I got homesick for my React framework and I started to doubt Drupal. It's not always easy to decide what shape you want to give to your career path from school.

Originally I was a Javascript developer, but to broaden my knowledge I also took Drupal during my internship. I was immediately hooked on the CMS and wanted to explore it further, so Calibrate didn't seem an illogical path to take.

After a conversation with our coordinator Tom we decided to get started as a support developer, because at the end of the day I was starting to have doubts because of my lack of knowledge about Drupal. Support was the ideal solution as it would allow me to get in touch with different aspects of Drupal development and therefore grow my experience faster. But if I really wanted to there was also the possibility to work at Codana, our sister company, as a React developer. 

This again shows the strength of Calibrate as a company that thinks along with its employees and where a match is sought for where your passion lies and what you excel in.

good vibes

Monday here we come!

Maybe you've heard it from family or friends too, "Oh no it's already Sunday night, tomorrow a new work week starting". I myself have heard this very often, so when I started my career at Calibrate I was a bit apprehensive about it myself. Nothing was further from the truth. 

At Calibrate, the needs and wishes of the employees are taken into account to ensure that they have as pleasant a working day as possible, because the work has to get done.

But when there are activities at the end of the workday like a CaliLAN (our own LAN party, cool right?), a boardgames night with pizza or sports and airsoft days, you come to work having fun, right?

Do you also want to be part of the Cali team?