insta explore

Instagram Explore is a super powerful tool for companies. It is specially designed to help profiles (influencers), brands and companies to get more visibility.

Instagram has focused their vision on personalization of the individual user. The Instagram algorithm is purely based on your interests. It continuously learns from your behavior on the app. Which accounts you follow, which messages you like and comment on, and which Instagram stories and IGTV content you like to watch. It uses this information to create an Instagram Explore page with tons of suggestions of similar content that you might like but you're not (yet) following. When you tap on your Instagram Explore page, it looks totally different from what you see on your friends' Explore page.

How does Instagram Explore work?

Followers and likes 
If a user follows a lot of beauty accounts, licks and posts comments on that topic, Instagram will show more beauty related posts, videos, IGTV videos and Instagram stories in his or her Explore page. But only from accounts that the user is not yet following.

Video content 
Videos are automatically played on the Instagram Explore page and thus get more attention than a static image.

Instagram stories
Stories that contain videos or have an animated element are preferred in the Instagram Explore feed. Also Instagram stories with less text, but more images like GIF's and stickers could score better on the Explore page.

Some functions of the Explore page


IGTV is different from the regular video experience. They are full-screen vertical videos with no black bars on the side, so you never have to rotate your phone. IGTV videos are not limited to one minute. So you can see more of your favorite content. IGTV also has its own app which you can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store. 


Shopping channel

A great feature for brands and companies! With the shopping channel users have the possibility to store with the brands they already follow, but of course also with the brands they still have to discover!

  • Shopping overview 
    Discover stores that have been suggested for you;
  • Choice of editors
    Discover trends from the editors of Instagram;
  • Brand collections
    Browse the latest collections of brands; 
  • Guides 
    Find recommendations from style experts.

Instagram stories

Just like the Instagram Explore page recommends messages based on topics you are interested in, the page will now also show personalized Instagram Stories recommendations! You can now click through and engage with stories from accounts that you haven't followed yet, but that probably resemble the stories you do follow, or that you often deal with. For brands, this opens a huge opportunity to be seen by a new audience.


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