Drupal 8

Yesterday evening the release candidate of Drupal 8 was finally released, something many companies were waiting for. After all, Drupal 8 brings a lot of change and innovation.

This progress will ensure that companies with Drupal will have a modern and forward-looking web technology that is able to respond to change much faster.

We already knew the advantages of Drupal: Open Source, fed by a huge community and not linked to expensive licensing costs. 
But Drupal 8 heralds a new era, for these reasons. 

Drupal 8 as source for all apps

Because of the built-in possibility to make all data available as REST web services, you can not only manage a website, but you can also easily make your data available to a smartphone app, other websites, you name it. This significantly reduces development costs and ensures a healthy architecture that is future-oriented.
An advanced way of caching also makes everything a lot faster.

Open Marketing

Through Open Marketing as a concept and the application with Drupal, a company is able to create faster links with internal or external systems. In this day and age, responding quickly to changes is crucial for a company's success.

Drupal open marketing

In practice, this means that a marketer can choose which marketing tools to use because the integration with Drupal offers a greater competitive advantage over closed software systems. After all, with Drupal you can only spend your project budget on the integration cost, and not on a license cost, which means that at the end of the process you are bound to the proprietary systems of another CMS with a high license cost.

Just think of integration with CRM systems, marketing automation or personalisation engines. With Drupal 8 you decide which package suits you best. We call this freedom of choice Open Marketing. Open Marketing is a term introduced by Acquia.

Wide range of suppliers

Through the use of widely used and well-known Symfony components and application of the Twig templating engine, Drupal 8 opens the door for many developers around the world.

For the end customer, this advantage is clear: he can call on a wide range of software suppliers and is not tied to this supplier due to the open source nature of Drupal.

Powerful content management

Drupal was already really good at content management, but it's even more exceptional now. Functionalities such as inline editing and standard use of CKeditor for WYSIWYG editing make it child's play for marketers and webmasters to manage the website. 
For suppliers, the addition of the Views module to Drupal core is an extra help to easily set up and configure a website.

When should I order my new Drupal 8 website?

Many companies have been waiting for the introduction of Drupal 8 to renew their website. With this release candidate, Drupal builders can finally get started to help these companies with their plans.
With the release of the first release candidate an important aspect has been added to the development process: the possibility to upgrade this RC1 to new versions in the future. This now paves the way for the numerous Drupal suppliers in Belgium to help their clients with their projects. 


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