Do you already have a LinkedIn page but don't know what to do with it? Or don't you have a LinkedIn profile or social media strategy for your company yet? How do you know if this social media channel is suitable for your company? We answer all your questions and help you in 3 steps to an effective LinkedIn page.

1. Is a LinkedIn company page relevant to my company?

You have a network of 3 million people on LinkedIn to connect with. So you don't want to miss out on those connections.
In a B2B context, networking is of vital importance and that is exactly what LinkedIn can do for your company. In addition, you can also benefit from LinkedIn in the following ways:

  • It can be a first acquaintance for new customers
  • It is a first exploration for future workers
  • LinkedIn is the platform par excellence for the promotion of your company by your own employees

LinkedIn is especially effective in a B2B context because you build a relationship with your customers. By making a connection with a profile you know:

  • which function the person in question has 
  • which company he or she works for and 
  • The sector in which they work

Thanks to this information and the handy 'follow' button, which allows interested parties to follow your company, you can post the very right content on your profile to build a close relationship with your followers.

Does your company mainly offer B2C products? Then other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can generate a higher conversion than LinkedIn.

Profiel Linkedin


Of course your employees want to connect to your page as soon as possible. They are proud of the position they hold at your company and build your brand together every day.

What do I need to get started?

  • Profile photo and banner image: choose a clear, legible image of your logo as a profile photo and look for a connecting image as a 'cover image'.
  • Company description: write a smooth text. Describe clearly what your company stands for, mention the most important information in the first 300 characters. Use key words, so that interested parties can quickly find out what you are doing.
  • Company info: add your URL and make it a point to fill in all additional requested info as completely as possible.
  • Featured groups: Look for groups in your sector. Share relevant content with them and converse with professionals in the sector. Better networking = more leads.

To boost the reliability of your page, it's best to make 5 to 10 posts to get started. This also gives the visitor of your company page more incentive to follow this page!

Linkedin advertentie

How do I create leads from my followers?

To get the right content to your target group and turn them into leads, you can boost your content. Every company has its own B2B lead generation strategy and therefore its own strategy for using social media. Here are a few tips to get your followers to convert more:

  • Try an advertisement: although LinkedIn advertising is rather expensive, you usually reach the desired target group thanks to the detailed targeting. You can target on function, company, education, interests and demographics. The ideal way to reach your specific target group!
  • Send Inmails. These are messages that you can send to people you don't have a connection with, but would like to become. If you do not have a Premium account, you can also simply send a connection request and add a personal message. More connections creates a larger network, which means increasing the number of leads!
  • Start your own group: share content on a consistent and constant basis and create your own community. People want to know what is going on in your company. Your followers follow you for a reason. However, it is important to find a good balance between too many items and too few items. Writing a post every day will take a lot of time and will not give the desired results. Only posting something every month is then too far apart again. Start by, for example, showing your company to your followers every week and check regularly what the results are!
  • Encourage your employees to convert their own LinkedIn profile entirely to your house style. Are they employed by your company? Is there a job description? Have they set up a banner with the company house style? Will you develop one for them? Do they share content that is posted on the company page?

Turn your employees into real brand ambassadors.

  • Let these workers also regularly write something about their daily tasks if they are open to it. Give them the freedom to build their own network and share their own knowledge with others and vice versa! In this way, your brand name will be put in a positive light.
  • React to your followers! Did your followers give their opinion on a particular post? Ideally! This allows you to enter into a dialogue with your followers and build a bond with them.
  • Test and find out what works best for your company page. Do you get the most interaction on e.g. behind the scenes or do your followers like it better to see what you have achieved? Try out different types of posts to get the best possible interaction ratio!
  • Create career pages. If you want to show more information to potential employees via LinkedIn, then career pages are the solution. With these pages you can provide more information about how your company is doing and which vacancies are still available. However, this feature is not free of charge. More information can be found here.
Statistieken Linkedin

3. How can my posts (and therefore my page) achieve a large organic reach?

LinkedIn heeft een groot organisch bereik. Dat wil zeggen dat jouw post door vele leden op LinkedIn kan gezien worden zonder dat je hier hoeft voor te betalen. Interessant, toch? Maar hoe kan je precies opvallen tussen die massa posts?

  • When a LinkedIn member responds to or likes a post, this is shown to that person's connections. If you have a post with (many) reactions, you can reach a lot of people (and potential customers). So post something that your followers will respond to! For example, ask a question in your post or share something your followers will respond to in exchange for an incentive. Think of a free e-book, a whitepaper, a template or any other valuable document. This can lead to more engagement, which in turn leads to greater organic reach!
  • Use the different mailing options of LinkedIn. You can post a carousel by placing multiple photos at once. This way you get a post in which several photos are posted next to each other and this can give that extra touch to your post. Did you also post a video? Moving images are more noticeable between different static posts. Definitely worth a try!
  • At what time and day is it best to post something? Dive into those statistics and find out when your followers are most active on LinkedIn.
  • Toon mensen. Op een foto, in een video, … Dit spreekt andere mensen aan! Wie zijn de gezichten van jouw bedrijf en hoe gaat de werksfeer eraan toe?
  • Show people. In a photo, in a video, ... This appeals to other people! Who are the faces of your company and what is the working atmosphere like?
  • Do not post links that were already shared, for example via your personal profile. Share the message yourself via the company page. If you share something that has already been sarhed, you will not reach a large audience.