Drupal struggles with a double image. On the one hand, everyone agrees that it is a very powerful CMS, on the other hand, many call it complex. Drupal is therefore most often used for versatile sites, combining advanced functionalities with high performance.

But what if you want to join forces with Drupal and marketing automation?

What is more, is it really a good idea? (Spoiler alert: YES!)

Less than half of the Belgian companies are involved in marketing automation, although their number is increasing. The snowball has undoubtedly started rolling. There may not be exact figures about Drupal's popularity in our french fries country, but what is certain is that thousands of Belgian corporate websites have been built using the powerful open source CMS. 

As far as marrying marketing automation is concerned, however, there can be no doubt: Drupal integrates seamlessly with a whole laundry list of tools - think of usual suspects Marketo, HubSpot or Sharpspring, but also their masses of lesser known friends - via the so-called 'modules'. You can rely on the thousands of developers in the Drupal Community to continue updating these modules. There are now countless modules, and if they don't exist, at Calibrate we simply build them ourselves.

A very large number of functionalities can also be built into Drupal itself. Think of features such as e-mail marketing, lead management, creating landing pages and following up visitors' actions: things we can perfectly solve within Drupal.

Conclusion: there are endless possibilities for those who want to automate their online marketing with Drupal. So, dear reader, there is work to be done. The recipe? Define your objectives, create a content strategy for your target groups and then choose the right tool(s) to monitor all your processes. Fly into the exciting world of marketing automation and knead your leads until they are ready to do business with you. Once you get the hang of it, it's hard to stop.

Need help choosing the right tools, developing your Drupal site, or both? Or just curious? Make it easy on yourself: