Calibrate's first priority is to support everyone dealing with the measures against the coronavirus. We do this for our Calibrators and our customers. Our people work, as it should be, as much as possible from a distance. We are used to this as a multi-regional agency, so everyone can count on the same service as before.

Fortunately, within our digital sector we have enough tools and working methods to work smoothly. Our people are in smooth contact with each other and projects continue as before. For all our clients we offer an alternative in the form of personal video rooms, which we assign to one client each time. In this way we guarantee smooth and close communication from a distance. 

We are ready for our customers who require higher availability due to the crisis. If you want to have a specific communication in the coming weeks, we will make it a priority in our planning to make adjustments to your website, or help you with the marketing campaigns.

The current support continues. Our phone numbers work as usual and will be redirected. The ticket platform is of course available, as well as the usual communication channels to make calls. Again, your Service Level Manager will give you the opportunity to consult within a dedicated video room.


We wish everyone all the best for the coming weeks,


The Calibrate Team