On a beautiful late summer day in September some Calibrators went out for a day of canoeing in Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. Beautiful weather, great colleagues and a canoe. That's all a Calibrator needs on a summer day.

Dagje Kanovaren

We could enjoy a nice canoe trip on the river Dommel. Definitely worth repeating!

Calibrators in Burger King

Trip to Valkenswaard

Kayaking or canoeing is usually linked to the Lesse or the Ourthe in the Ardennes. From there we wanted to explore other horizons and went to Valkenswaard in the Netherlands.

Valkenswaard was not close to the door, especially for the people of Calibrate Ghent. Fortunately, the inner man could be strengthened in time with a 🍔 of your choice. Carpooling and a stopover in the Burger King immediately made the ride much shorter.

After a (long) drive we arrived at the parking lot in Valkenswaard. A bus took us to the starting point. And away we were, for a canoe trip of 8.5 km on the river Dommel. We could enjoy the beautiful Kempisch landscape of Noord-Brabant.

2 Calibators in een kano
Calibrators pauzeren

One Calibrator was able to steer his canoe a bit better than the other 😅 but everyone enjoyed a beautiful canoe trip on the Dommel.

We could explore the Kempen landscape and some exercise a Calibrator always does well :).

After exercise comes relaxation and we could enjoy a nice chat with our colleagues with a refreshing beer or cola.

Did you know?

Calibrator regularly take part in fun activities.  We organize a Calibrate weekend every year and we also have experience in karting, paintball, airsoften, cooking (yes, cooking :) ), golf and other fun activities.