As a web agency that studies everything related to Drupal and always follows the latest trends around this open source software, Calibrate couldn't stay behind when Drupal 8 was finally launched. We at Calibrate therefore chose resolutely for the future and made the switch to Drupal 8.

The advantages

For both our clients and the Calibrate developers, the new Drupal version brings a lot of advantages. We would like to list these advantages for you:

  • The user-friendliness for editors has been greatly improved with a nice and clear back-end that makes working more efficient.
  • Configuration management is a solid asset and allows adjustments to be made easily to different environments.
  • Custom modules have become simpler, making it easier and quicker to develop customer-specific requirements.
  • Code has become more reusable, which makes the work easier for developers.
  • Caching has been completely revamped, making Drupal 8 more efficient than ever.
  • Via the REST API, Drupal can also be used as a back-end for a Javascript front-end.

Tailor-made thanks to self-developed platform

Just as a tailor starts from a template or profile when designing a costume, we also base ourselves on already existing shapes, but the finishing is always made to measure. Drupal makes this all possible. At Calibrate we have also developed our own profile within Drupal 8, which consists of custom modules, themes, plugins and methods, in order to be able to meet all the customer's wishes.

Q8 devices

Our customer Q8 is a good example of this customisation. They wanted to achieve higher conversions thanks to visitor profiling and personalisation for no less than six state-of-the-art websites for three brands. For the personalisation and contextualisation (device and location awareness) of the content, we developed a personalisation tool in Drupal 8. Q8 is now able to attract new customers via lead generation and communicate the right message at the right time on the website and via newsletters.

Speed, efficiency and maximum safety

Editors were somewhat overlooked in previous releases. Some standard tasks were unnecessarily complex, or were hidden behind a lot of buttons, which didn't make working on them any easier.

Fortunately, this will change thanks to Drupal 8. The back-end now looks much clearer, with less 'clutter', and the performance upgrade is also clearly noticeable here. In our starting profile, we immediately put a few things right that ensure that an editor can work quickly and efficiently. However, existing users should not fear. The system has not changed to such an extent that you can no longer find your way around.

We also worked on a smooth integration with our deployment workflow. Updates to both core and contribution modules follow one another on the assembly line, after which we smoothly roll them out to our websites. This enables us to offer maximum security and always work with the latest versions.

Want to know more about Drupal 8?

Would you like to learn more about Drupal 8, or would you like to update your website with the latest version? Feel free to let us know, and we'll list all the pros and cons for you. We will make your site Drupal 9 proof!