Last weekend LeasePlan launched a major media campaign in response to their new leasing formula for private individuals. Calibrate contributed to the advanced campaign site where Drupal was integrated with SalesForce, Selligent SIM and the AS/400 back office.

Intensive cooperation

There was intensive cooperation with the various parties involved. A multidisciplinary team of eight people (two PHP developers, one Front-end developer, three RPG developers, one system administrator and two proxies) realised the campaign site in six weeks. In order to get everything automated, various adjustments were needed to LeasePlan's back office, which runs on AS/400.


During the first days of October, a simple form captures the data of interested parties in a MySQL database. These potential clients are then automatically registered via SalesForce.

Automated marketing

The actual registration starts after the first week of October. Concretely, this means that from then on other mails will be sent via SIM (this is a Selligent marketing tool).

After 2 days, a confirmation email is sent, encouraging all interested parties to place an order. You will then be asked to fill in a more extensive form.

This data is initially recorded in Drupal. Afterwards, an effective client is automatically registered via SalesForce. At that moment the backend of Leaseplan carries out an initial investigation into the creditworthiness of the client. Later on, this investigation will be carried out again by an external company.


On Saturday evening, a mailing was sent out by Media Markt (LeasePlan's partner for this campaign) to 2.5 million people. Media Markt receives an average of 80,000 visitors a day at peak times like these. That's why the hosting infrastructure was upgraded accordingly (extra CPUs and working memory).