If you want to feel good about something, you want to know what a company stands for. Calibrate has a clear mission and that includes our values, as well as all the benefits and features you would expect from a modern employer.

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Your home = your office?

Let's start right off with the elephant in the room: work at home.

And we can be very clear about that. During the Covid-19 crisis, we all proved en masse that working from home really is a virtue for most of us. Your job will therefore never be the same again. Work at home is here, and it's not going away. Because we take into account everyone's individual situation, the balance between home work and office can be determined together. We support everyone with computer equipment where necessary. You can even install furniture for your home office at advantageous rates. 

Onze waarden

Work should be fun. That is beyond dispute. But as an employer, we also have a mission and core values to which we attach great importance. 

Transparent and honest

In both customer and employer relations, we always want to work with people. We stand for open communication where everyone can voice their opinion in a positive, constructive way, which is very important to us. That's who we are and we don't compromise.


We aim for sustainability in various areas. We respect everyone's opinion, as long as it has a positive slant. For example, we only work with climate neutral hosting solutions. Sustainability also has other expressions, both in ecological and economic situations. For employees, it manifests itself in a vision for long-term collaboration. We want to be your long-term work partner and we do our best to achieve this.

Positive thinking and acting

When we carry out projects, we do so for a very diverse range of clients. That makes the work interesting, even in the long term. In every project we try to make a positive difference, no matter how small or large. Whether we work for an international, large company or a government agency. We take up the social ball from our role as a web company. 


Beyond the intellectual requirements associated with a job in our industry, we want to be as inclusive as possible. Yes, Calibrate employs people from a variety of walks of life, viewpoints, origins, gender identities and religious views. We are proud of that and we stand by it.

Did you know?

That all calibrators have an annual training budget? You can use that to keep improving yourself? That's good for you and for us, win-win!

The salary package

Of course, everyone's wages are individually determined. And Calibrate wages are competitive, that goes without saying. But your pay package is more than that.

As standard, every Calibrate employee enjoys additional benefits. From the start you enjoy hospitalization insurance, group insurance, meal allowance, computer equipment and a company car (customized). Moreover, after two years as a junior you can move to a 40 hour week, which will allow you to save a lot of extra vacation days every year. The Flex Income Plan also allows you to decide for yourself what you want to use your salary package for. 


Did you invariably nod "yes" while reading the page, then we are probably made for each other 😉

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