Correct and punctual payroll processing is crucial for a company. The social secretariat Partena Pay'n People takes care of this. The specialty of Partena Professional lies in personnel policy and entrepreneurship. Partena Professional guides and supports entrepreneurs and HR managers and helps them with relevant professional information, social legislation and setting up a maximum profitable personnel policy.

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For them, we developed Partena SmartSalary®, a payroll administration tool that allows companies to manage employee wages and performance themselves

An intuitive interface makes it easy to enter leave or sick leave yourself. Managing employee data also becomes child's play. No complicated wage codes or terminology, but clear descriptions. After calculating wages, a handy overview of the wage results is displayed and important wage documents can be consulted quickly online.

Responsive design

One of the principles of Partena SmartSalary® is to offer the functionality on the different devices we use today. In order to guarantee an optimal experience and user-friendliness, it was decided to provide, in addition to the responsive desktop/tablet layout, an adapted layout for smartphone users. With an adapted navigation flow but without developing double functionality. A smart device-detection system automatically offers everyone the right version. Innovative and user-friendly ways of displaying and editing the masses of information in a clear way were considered with the UX team.

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Did you know?

AngularJS was chosen as the front-end of the Partena SmartSalary® application. The application is linked via a C# interlayer with an AS400 backend system. The layout was developed as a jade prototype (now known as pug), from which a skin nuget-package was derived afterwards. This layout prototype was developed especially for Partena SmartSalary® and also serves as a graphical basis for other internal and external tools of Partena Professional.

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