LeasePlan Belgium was looking for a solution to make all content from their AS400 back office accessible to the public in a user-friendly way. They also wanted to provide additional functionality for fleet managers, drivers and garages.

Because the organisation operates under the status of a financial institution, strict security requirements had to be taken into account when building the platform. In addition, a responsive design was also required, so that all functionality on the website could be easily used via various fixed and mobile devices.

Calibrate in the lead

LeasePlan did not only expect an executive party, but also a partner that thinks along with it, that questions things and proposes alternatives where necessary. Calibrate took the lead in this project, steered the other parties and acted as single point of contact for the entire process.

Leaseplan divide

Two parts

Concretely, the project was divided into two parts, the public website and the protected myLeasePlan portal.

The main points of attention were setting up a single environment for both public and separate pages (website & extranet), easy maintainability, responsiveness, user-friendliness, security, scalability and performance.

Corporate website

For the first part, the corporate website, the needs were first analysed. On the basis of workshops and thinking exercises, an online clickable prototype was then developed. A functional analysis document was also produced for clarification purposes.

The development took place in Drupal 7. A large part of the content of the website was retrieved from LeasePlan's existing database. Thanks to an advanced SOLR search engine, visitors can now search LeasePlan's extensive stock (> 70,000 cars) directly from the website.

After the finalisation of the corporate website, a thorough UAT (User Acceptance Testing) period was organised, which started after thorough training of the administrator and webmasters. 

This was followed by two parallel processes: for the graphic design and also the development of the overarching framework (myLeasePlan).


During the test period of the corporate website, the necessary functional & technical analysis work was already started for myLeasePlan.

In view of the complex infrastructure and security requirements for this web application, several competence centres within Cronos were called in for specific advice, analysis, development and maintenance of servers, deployment scripts, user access management, identity management, etc.

Quality Assurance

To thoroughly test performance and security, several Nessus scans and audits were organised by LeasePlan IT Solutions (LPIS, Ireland).

Several functional test phases were completedS, provided by different departments within LeasePlan. There was also a soft launch to a limited group of end users to make the latest refinements. During each of these phases, the necessary profiles (infrastructure, identity & security, Drupal...) were planned and kept on standby to make adjustments where necessary.

LeasePlan infographic

Technology and Infrastructure

Within the same Drupal framework of the public website, the software connectors were also developed to communicate with the IBM IAM & TDI and the Leaseplan ERP system (AS/400).

A very extensive infrastructure was set up with load balancers, clustering of databases and multiple backups & failsafes.

Intensive cooperation

The development of the corporate website was carried out at Calibrate. On a fortnightly (and if necessary weekly) basis, a meeting was held with the stakeholders to review progress, proposals and alternatives. This made it possible to guarantee an end product that met all expectations and standards for both the client and the Cronos team.

For the myLeasePlan component, a team of Calibrate experts worked on site at LeasePlan's IT department in Zaventem. This enabled even more intensive cooperation for the complex integration of Drupal with the client's existing back office.

Continuous support and expansion

Even after final delivery, LeasePlan continues to call on the necessary competencies for improvements, extensions and general maintenance of the entire platform.

About LeasePlan

LeasePlan Belgium was founded in 1972. As a pioneer of leasing and fleet management, this organisation has developed into the market leader in our country. The company is a subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation and a member of Renta. LeasePlan Corporation is active in 30 countries and is the global market leader in operational car leasing.

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