The Department of Culture, Youth and Media is a department of the Flemish government created in 2006 by the BBB reform. In addition to this department, the Culture, Youth, Sports and Media Policy Area also includes the Flanders Sports Agency and the Flemish Media Regulator.


User-friendly interface

For the Department of Culture, Youth and Media (CJM) of the Flemish Government, we integrated a number of existing websites into a new central platform with Drupal 9. A big focus was put on developing a user-friendly interface where administrators easily implement or change content types. 

In addition, the scope also included some interesting implementations including a photo carousel, breadcrumb navigation, revisions, pop-ups and a calendar module. 


Customization for DCJM: grant guide

The basic site was provided with a grant guide, including a somewhat limited but fully functional version on the home page. For example, this version did not show progress or a number of possible grants. The base of the pointer conformed to the wireframes and designs, approved by DCJM, from Monkeyshot.

A newsletter

In addition to the new website, we facilitated sending newsletters with Mailchimp on the one hand and publishing Drupal forms on the other. The colleagues of DCJM can easily create these forms for the events they organize or to receive information from their website visitors. Furthermore, DCJM has visitor data stored through Google Analytics.


Drupal multisite approach

As mentioned earlier, we are integrating a number of existing websites into a new centralized platform for DCJM. Setting up a multi-site installation is more complex than setting up a single Drupal installation. For this, DCJM taps our Drupal developers with the right expertise. Setting up a Drupal multisite can be a good idea in the different situations. If you're not sure if a multisite installation is right for your specific situation, it's best to consult with an experienced Drupal developer.


Did you know?

We always emphasize the relationship between us and our clients. We strive for an open communication where transparent agreements apply in order to start a long and fruitful cooperation and this for all our projects. This allows us to position ourselves uniquely in the market: in-depth expertise combined with flexibility and a no-nonsense approach.  

To enable this honest, straightforward approach, we chose a mix between the classic waterfall method and the Scrum methodology. In the development phases, we worked in a clear structure with predefined workshops. As soon as development was started, we worked in Scrum Sprints. This approach also allowed for iterative improvement. During this process, we continuously guided DCJM and constantly thought along with the client to make the best use of time and budget. 

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